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  1. others care. just not you. which is fine with me, my post wasn't directed to you.
  2. Got it. Pretty much its just easier to go after metfan non-stop because he is an uneducated "dullard" than try to go head to head with phin who despite being an asshole, can carry on debates (when he wants to and isn't just being a troll). you do you my friend. Ill do me. Ignore me if you need to if it bothers you so much that you can't stand to see me reply to Phin. and make sure you get that extra punch in on metfan while you're at it, he isn't very good at fighting back and we all need our wins somedays i guess.
  3. ive never seen a grown ass man crave so much internet attention before.
  4. nope. my point is lost on you, its okay.
  5. sounds good Evan. you do you man. good luck.
  6. wow you really do not see that your post was insensitive and deserves to be called out.
  7. lol i was going to let it go but since you brought it up *your
  8. sweet! does it come with a gold star?
  9. the greatest whiny baby troll. yes, i agree.
  10. man you really are going to die on this hill, aren't you?
  11. pffft this act is so tiresome. you aren't concerned about anyone here.