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  1. How jonger gets likes...
  2. Last night at the bar I saw a guy in a MAGA hat drinking a Corona.
  3. My god . you are fucking obsessed.
  4. Judge Ellis sure can dunk!
  5. Lol.
  6. Lol too early in the morning. .. Thought we were talking about Michael Cohen. Carry on.
  7. Well, yeah. There's similarities for sure. They both share the same first name. So, there's that...
  8. I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure some conservatives DO attack POC as well as the LBGT community. So, no. They're not both fake as fuck. Try again.
  9. Yup. He's a dirtbag.
  10. Yeah... The guy didn't cover this up too well. ...not to mention, a complete motion for trying to stage a hate crime. Wtf is wrong with some people?
  11. Sure. Just because I disagree with just about everything they stand for doesn't mean that I couldn't be friends, neighbors, or active in a community with them. Yes, I live in liberal massachusetts, but in an extremely rural part of the state. I'm a stone's throw away from VT and NH in a town of just 2k people. I'm very close with many conservatives in my area. Yes, there are lots of them. But again, I'm not the one showing my intolerance while saying as a whole we're a tolerant society. Try again.
  12. I see you don't care to seriously discuss your intolerances while claiming you're tolerant. Idiot...
  13. Serious lol coming from a guy who said just the other day that he wouldn't want to live in a community with a large Muslim population. Dude, you're a joke.
  14. Pretty sure you've wasted many more pages talking about somebody that actually does ignore you. LOL