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  1. What disappoints me most in our society is that most of our highly polarized citizenry put party over country. People should be pushing for doing what is right and just, but they're not. It could be my own partisan blinders, but it appears to me that one group does this more than the other. As a liberal, did I support the whole email or benghazi witch hunts? Not really, but if there was proof of legitimate wrongdoing, I would have expected accountability. Most conservatives KNOW that trump obstructed justice, but they don't give a fuck. This is nothing new though.... They knew he fraudulently ran a fake university. They knew he defrauded employees and contractors. They knew he used funds from his charitable Foundation improperly. They knew he lied, cheated, and took advantage of everyone around him his entire life for his own personal gain. They STILL voted for him. Or maybe, that's the reason why they voted for him. We saw it with Roy Moore. We saw it with Cavanaugh. There were cries to do the right thing and step down and they refused. On the other side of the aisle, Al Franken stepped down immediately. It's just a different mindset. Liberals typically want what is fair and just. Conservatives don't give a fuck. Then again, we've got the democratic leadership right now putting party over country too. It's very disappointing.
  2. How jonger gets likes...
  3. Last night at the bar I saw a guy in a MAGA hat drinking a Corona.
  4. My god . you are fucking obsessed.
  5. Judge Ellis sure can dunk!
  6. Lol.
  7. Lol too early in the morning. .. Thought we were talking about Michael Cohen. Carry on.
  8. Well, yeah. There's similarities for sure. They both share the same first name. So, there's that...
  9. I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure some conservatives DO attack POC as well as the LBGT community. So, no. They're not both fake as fuck. Try again.
  10. Yup. He's a dirtbag.
  11. Yeah... The guy didn't cover this up too well. ...not to mention, a complete motion for trying to stage a hate crime. Wtf is wrong with some people?
  12. Sure. Just because I disagree with just about everything they stand for doesn't mean that I couldn't be friends, neighbors, or active in a community with them. Yes, I live in liberal massachusetts, but in an extremely rural part of the state. I'm a stone's throw away from VT and NH in a town of just 2k people. I'm very close with many conservatives in my area. Yes, there are lots of them. But again, I'm not the one showing my intolerance while saying as a whole we're a tolerant society. Try again.
  13. I see you don't care to seriously discuss your intolerances while claiming you're tolerant. Idiot...