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  1. Edit double post sorry.
  2. So the solution to the economy is elect Republicans?
  3. Now there's an idea i can get behind! Lets build the wall!
  4. Can't everyone just get along?
  5. I think Philadelphia has a good chance in the navy yards, or in university city.
  6. No Philly? That's alright they counted the eagles out too, Philly will be the underdog of Amazon.
  7. Philadelphia would be a prime spot for Amazon or apple (no pun intended lol) Today you can see a lot of progress going on; with comcasts new innovation tower, the west side proposals in Drexel, the navy yard. Tons of areas to go.
  8. So when is the rally?
  9. Lol at the trump humpers! They get so turned in by trump
  10. So if stocks start to trend low, they will buy stocks to keep it from looking bad?
  11. I mean is the market going to crash? Is it fixable ECT.
  12. Can anyone tell me what all this means in dumbed down terms?
  13. What he really meant was trump is good at being dumb. He just does not finish the sentence.