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  1. You STILL don't know what his report said. C'mon man, you're embarrassing yourself.
  2. My point is that it's known how these creeps respond to things like that. It's completely wrong I agree but we aren't dealing with decent people here, so it's to be expected. I mean giving PB girlfriend that info, you know he's going to use it against you. He's a dirtbag. I in no way meant she deserved it, I didn't insinuate it or state it outright. I saw I had a like by Phin, so knew I made a mistake. My apologies to @maphead if the post came across that I thought she deserved it, she didn't.
  3. PB girlfriend is so smart. Doesn't know your from you're, and writes run-on incomprehensible sentences. Can we pin this at the top of every forum please? What a moron. I know it's English but don't make me parse it dumb ass.
  4. Opinion of an observer: if you're willing to share you were in a threesome, share your picture and talk about sex openly on a forum with mostly dudes, some who are fixated on it, it's going to happen. You sound surprised.
  5. Clearly H2O has notifications set up for when maphead posts. There's no other way he can post just after her 90% of the time. This isn't news.
  6. Phin would get his ass kicked in Pickles, that's why he wouldn't ever go there.
  7. But it's still called a swastika you dumb ass.
  8. You could take the entire U.S. population and with the same density as NYC fit everyone in Texas. We have room in this country. And the vast majority of it is uninhabited and beautiful. LOL @ you and Capt. Planet...ahoy!
  9. I've been reading and I'm pretty sure this was covered here just under 793 times. And it's still going on.
  10. So what about those fuckers who didn't turn out?