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  1. jfc look at this. Might as well just have typed, "I support racism."
  2. No, you're wrong. The thread is about smears and lies, not criticism, but you don't care about that, keep lying. yeah, criticism.
  3. No, no, of course not! People's personal sexual preferences are nobody's business but their own!
  4. So it's made up. Thought so.
  5. My father is gay!
  6. Look at the giddy excitement here. Gross.
  7. Love to see where she said this.
  8. By you? Cold Rain? Metfan? Jonger? Who?
  9. Because people are selfish and stupid. You'd know this if you weren't a perfect example of that. Everything Trump has done with respect to the environment shows he DGAF about it. Why don't you post actions he's taken to protect the environment?
  10. "We" Wonder who "we" is. J/K, I know it means his pals at "Angry Harry".
  11. Look, Phin brought PhinLite™ back with him.
  12. Imagine if your wife got wind of some of the shit you posted on here. It'd be the end of you. Not smart posting that personal stuff on a public forum.
  13. Goddamn don't I know it.
  14. F' yeah. https://eos.org/opinions/altered-forecasts-and-threatened-firings-at-the-national-weather-service