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  1. This is all 100% accurate, but dumb asses and shills DON'T CARE. Even religious righties don't care. The literally DGAF. They are kool aid drinking accessories to the crime to the office of the POTUS that is Trump.
  2. Mold Brain's MO is he (or she) calls people, drunk, mentally deficient, mentally ill, drug addicts or the like in cutie-pie language. If phin leaves, he'll be the biggest POS poseur on here.
  3. non-answer. but as usual it's a cutie-pie lookie at me empty response.
  4. Wonder what jonger and phin think of their leaders going back after this. Next: Benghazi again? Do they go after Bill again? Maybe Carter deserves a second look?
  5. The GOP is the party of the stupid.
  6. Checking back in, has NK begun dismantling its nuclear weapons program yet?
  7. And you keep saying this but won't explain why. HInt: they can't get much lower.
  8. We won't waste our time making jokes about you.
  9. seriously? ^^ dumb ass video mostly of sirens. Here's one of your boys. This is literally the shit phin, jonger, user and mold brain are supporting. Fuck them.
  10. phin? jonger? luser? mold brain? conspicuously absent.
  11. Again wishing bad shit on millions.
  12. LOL jonger thinks it's all greens fees.
  13. Just about everyone except jonger has said this. You're not going out on a limb here. Except the "some stuff" is serious to people who care about the office of POTUS.