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  1. Getting ahead of myself....oops.
  2. Yeah, I was too. And my job description didn't say anything about acting like an imbecile, calling women dogs and the like, but I wouldn't be around long if I behaved like he does.
  3. These aren't just tax (evasion) crimes. Conspiracy against the U.S. Conspiracy to launder money Unregistered agent of a foreign principal
  4. One benefit, at least your cousin won't be able to hear you tell altar boy rape jokes.
  5. Wow, poor Paulie!
  6. You've taken those classes recently?
  7. From a web search, it's a joke about an altar boy performing oral sex on a priest. He's a sick f'er.
  8. I like 20 years, but wouldn't be surprised at up to 40.
  9. The're rappers, not the POTUS. Trying to find equivalence between a rap song and what the POTUS should be saying is DUMB. JFC.
  10. You're a perfect example of the problem. You wouldn't let your kids say the things he says about people but it's okay for him. You actually LIKE it when he calls a woman a dog. You liked it when he said grab 'em by the pussy. It's against what I hope you teach your kids, but you let him slide. Because he has an R next to his name.
  11. Define minimal.
  12. any thoughts (lol) on this post?
  13. I guess none of the DP supporters here are Catholic.
  14. Any examples of widespread "wrong things" being taught to all white college students?