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  1. Lol dude the chart stops almost 2 years ago. So yes....
  2. Having lost all your retirment is worse than being jumped at the grocery store. Not a good argument to take up. Lol
  3. Not really. On a big down day like that shorts will cover before the close and fund algos will be in over drive. Plus right there you have a parabolic wedge and a climax so it was a good reversal scalp that everyone jumped on
  4. People are really running with this story. It really shows how stupid people are, anyone can look this up
  5. Dude the entire volume of the emini in the last 10 min on 8/23 wasn't even 300,000 contracts so that 386,000 # was completely made up let alone "someone". In fact that volume on a day with a 95 point move is the volume I would expect at the close. They fell for a vanity fair article talking about finance. They legit thought they had something. Libs are pure stupid.
  6. Plz give us your take I would love to hear more so I can shred it
  7. Lol no. Look at the survey yourself and plot it on excel and get back to us