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  1. Lol at thinking I would sissor with you on a friday night
  2. Saying he is responsive now in the hospital room. I am sure they will have to run a bunch of tests now.
  3. Trump is a god
  4. Wtf are you smoking
  5. Lol
  6. Trumppppppp
  7. Haahhahaaj
  8. Wow the make AU great again guy I saw on a bunch of signs won Polls were wrong again https://www.wsj.com/articles/australias-conservatives-appear-set-to-win-surprise-victory-11558186774
  9. Mueller testimony off until at least June -- if EVER...
  10. We are about 500k away from full employment. Then wages should increase if we dont tank.
  11. I told you this before
  12. Republicans are so dumb with this rape shit. I don't want babies killed, but you need to leave exeptions. Even if you completly believed in life, it is politically dumb as shit.
  13. Fox is considered one of the best pollsters if not the best
  14. If the fed cuts massive inflation is coming.