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  1. Really.dumb we didnt take it in 1946
  2. Lol they cant defend greenland
  3. Man I have been wanting to go to greenland
  4. That would be just asinine
  5. This just proves that libs will attack trump on everything
  6. Lol what is so crazy we tried to buy it 3x already in history. Denmark is paying 600 million a year to keep things running there.
  7. What if he pulled it off. Wouldn't it be boss
  8. Why
  9. This is so boss President Trump Eyes a New Real-Estate Purchase: Greenland https://www.wsj.com/articles/trump-eyes-a-new-real-estate-purchase-greenland-11565904223
  10. What is the lesson?
  11. We still have more selling ahead. Should break the low from 1-2 weeks ago
  12. Yes normally the public isnt being warned before a resession. They are the ones holding the bag as the big firms sell to them to get out. As for trump, he caused the down side yesterday. His trade tweet cause one of the strongest up moves I have ever seen. So that burned all the shorts and caused all the bulls to have higher risk than they normally would. So yesterday we saw the reverse happen as bulls had to get out end bears were putting back on their shorts. Sorry if thats a bit technical
  13. They own so much of the supply. In Europe the ECB owns like 40% of them. It is just insanity.
  14. It has averaged 17 months prior in the past with the shortest recession about 10 months out. It has failed 2x 1966 and 1998 because the fed acted quickly. It is one of early warning systems. However, central banks have so fucked up the bond market that I think it cannot be trusted.
  15. I have a sneaking suspision the yeild curve cant be trusted anymore with the the shit central banks have done.