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  1. You can't be serious with this. Making college a prerequisite is probably 100x more discriminatory against minorities than voter ID laws.
  2. By your definition, the big banks should have been bailed out because it saved a ton of jobs just like GM. Banking touches so many sectors it's like a domino effect. The idea of bailing out a company to save jobs is a noble concept but it has unintended consequences down the road that are more painful. Companies that are run poorly enough to go bankrupt need to be allowed to fail in order for markets to function efficiently and produce higher economic growth. Bailing out a shit company helps squash smaller competitors which reduces innovation. It's the same thing that happens when big corporations use the federal government to squash smaller competitors with onerous regulations, licensing costs, and compliance that sound noble on paper but all they really do is act as a huge marginal tax on the smaller competitors.
  3. Market crashes always hurt poor people the most from a SOL standpoint. Yeah, Carl Icahn might lose a billion dollars but that doesn't really hurt him personally in how he lives....where it hurts the most is the job losses that come with the drying up of investment. A middle class person losing their job is a disaster for them. That said, market crashes need to be allowed to play out organically when they do happen so that the recovery can benefit more people. You wipe out all the shitty zombies and get clean growth from companies that actually produce goods and services that are profitable. The FED is so scared of the market now that we don't let that happen. They didn't let it happen in 2008-2010 and they won't this time either. It will be injected with all kinds of steroids again. That's why the recovery after 2008 was such garbage.
  4. The democrats have enough here to start an inquiry into an inquiry of a preliminary meeting about the possibility of opening an impeachment case against Trump in 2022.
  5. I have no doubt Bernie would go totalitarian if he was allowed to.
  6. Warren is definitely the smartest one in the field on this stuff. She proposed a wealth tax though which she has to know isn't going to happen...prob a bit of red meat for the base. But on the whole she definitely knows what she is talking about. She's going to have to eventually come clean on the middle class tax hike for her healthcare proposal though...Biden and Klobuchar were hitting her pretty hard on that early on in the last debate and she basically skirted the issue. It will come up again and she'll need a response if she's running as a bit of a populist.
  7. I think you'd be surprised at how many people think trillions of dollars can be funded by the top 1%. Once you actually get back into reality though, most of these programs will require large middle class tax hikes. You can maybe fund something like universal pre-K with a steeper income tax on high earners. A wealth tax could fund an additional larger program but that won't get through SCOTUS anyway so it's really pointless to base proposals around that idea.
  8. I'm like 50/50 on him. I still think he's a slight underdog against the field. His weaknesses have been well documented in here. But I'm a bit surprised he hasn't gotten a lot of competition from a non-left winger. He has a lot of space to the right of Warren and Bernie and mostly to himself at the moment.
  9. Maybe. But lets still be real here....the backbone of support for someone like Warren is still liberal whites. I think she's still only pulling like 7% amongst minorities despite her increased poll numbers overall. That's a problem if she doesn't change it. Biden has a larger coalition that is more suited to winning. Maybe that falls apart...God knows it's still obscenely early. But so far, despite all the gaffe and ageism coverage he gets, he hasn't lost that support. Bernie Sanders had the same problem in 2016. He had the support of liberal whites in the party but basically nothing else.
  10. Bernie definitely comes across as stubborn, so I agree it wouldn't be surprising at all if he hung around well into the primary season. It probably helps Biden the longer Warren and Bernie are both in the race.
  11. I doubt one of them drops out before Nevada or South Carolina at the earliest. They're both gonna be targeting New Hampshire hard as a pseudo home state.
  12. He's basically been a single issue candidate...Universal Basic Income (UBI) is his big thing. He's started talking about a few other issues more recently, but the UBI is still his featured program. He's going for the young liberal vote on this which is where most of the support is. But as a whole, it doesn't poll very well....it polls better if is it restricted to "people who lost jobs due to automation".
  13. Yep. That is exactly what it is. It's has always been that to some extent...nothing is ever pure. But it's gotten really bad ever since we started making a mockery of anti-trust laws in the late 1960s and esp 1970s.
  14. I mean...most capitalists (I.E 99% of them which are small business owners or supporters of small business) agree there's a ton of corruption in the current system that has gotten worse and worse. Tons of rent seeking and lobbyist bullshit in which government is complicit or even active participants. I suspect kush and I actually agree on a lot of points....we just disagree on the solutions.
  15. Yeah. We should definitely start listening to communists because they have come up with the brilliant new idea that we shouldn't trust billionaires.