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  1. I think the testimony will have to be significantly more compelling than his late May statement. There was no noticeable effect on Trump from that statement. The fivethirtyeight average of his approval rating on the day before his statement was 41.1%. Today, it is 42.3%. It never got lower than 41% during that stretch either. The American people need a bombshell I think to make it matter.
  2. It's a safe haven flight until it isn't. Did you forget how quickly it tanked to 3k? You don't want to be in extremely volitile assets if you are trying to hedge against a catastrophe or big inflation. There's a lot of black swans with crypto (hacking, government restrictions, fraud, etc). Plus, it's not physical...even in principle. So I wouldn't touch it. To me, it's a speculative play and I don't view speculative plays as good conservative hedges. Hopefully you make out ok on the swings, but there were people in here buying at 14k and then again when it dropped to 10k on the way down to 3. You may make a killing on it...it could spike to 30k-40k if every Chinese investor flees from a crumbling economy...or it could go to 1k when the commies in China ban it outright.
  3. TIPS or real estate (REITs)? The latter may be a bit dicier with brick and mortar getting hammered. Usually I'd say healthcare and pharmaceutical stocks, but those have extra risk to them these days. You get something like universal single payer and they would tank.
  4. Unless we start going full blown MMT.
  5. The worst part about QE is that it's going to happen again. The FED thinks it was a massive success. Biggest government handout in history and it almost all went to the rich.
  6. He needs a scapegoat for the eventual recession ever since he decided to take ownership of the market boom. Though, he may be out of office by the time we get the next crash, in which case, he will just blame the democratic president.
  7. Sell it dude. Unless you're holding out for the final bubble. Prob won't happen until the next recession though...everyone will briefly get scared and rush into crypto before they realize it's worthless and dump it.
  8. Came across another good article today on the really bad situation Canada is in with household debt. We've talked about it before with both Canada and also Europe (esp the Scandinavian countries), but here's some more updated numbers and they are ugly. I recommend the read. https://wolfstreet.com/2019/06/13/the-state-of-the-canadian-debt-slaves/
  9. "Rapid" or "big" wage increase is generally considered more than a 20% bump in wages in less than 5 years though a lot papers will even use 10% as sort of a cutoff. Something like a federal 15 minimum would be unprecedented even if it was implemented over a decade. You can cry bullshit about low wages all you want, but it doesn't change the empirical evidence. Do you think more unemployment is better? How will that help the most inexperienced and poor earners? Just because something "sounds" good or fair, doesn't mean it actually is. I'd suggest reading this: https://www.frbsf.org/economic-research/publications/economic-letter/2015/december/effects-of-minimum-wage-on-employment/ Or if you want an article in more layman's terms, NPR ran one and there's plenty of links: https://www.npr.org/sections/money/2019/04/23/716126740/when-does-a-minimum-wage-become-too-high
  10. You can lead a horse to water.... Doesnt matter how much literature you throw at them that shows a rapid min wage gain loses jobs, they still won't believe it because they don't want to. Ive tried for years on here with a plethora of studies. What might work for Manhattan or San Francisco doesn't work in Binghamton or Fresno.
  11. She never reached the level of nirvana like Spicer did when he was hiding in the bushes.
  12. So are you dude. You've said in the past that you support martial law, repealing freedom of speech, and civil asset forfeiture. That is the opposite of liberal. No wonder you love some of those European shit holes so much.
  13. These are some bad analogies. If you want to look at dirty money, then you are basically never voting for another politician in your life in a big race....and it is certainly not the equivalent of voting for someone who stands against most of your principles. Charlie Baker was the better choice for governor in Massachusetts. I'm not going to vote for an inferior candidate who is more against my key issues with worse policies because I'm standing on the soap box about campaign finance....what does that say about my stance on the issues?
  14. RINOs siphoning off RNC money is a good thing. Less for the nutjobs. It's fine Stebo, you can just admit you had no idea who I vote for and move on....you are obviously well to the left of me and aren't going to agree on many of my stances.
  15. Tell that to the 72% of MA voters who approve of Baker. Oh yeah, and the 69% of Marylanders who approve of Hogan.