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  1. Some of my best friends are Arabic.
  2. Do you think that when two people are going to fight they are going to touch gloves like it’s a boxing match?
  3. These are the questions someone who has never been in a real fight would ask.
  4. Nobody is going to go through a VPN to disguise a sock account for this shithole site. Full stop.
  5. Mixed greens ftw
  6. The racism and neo-nazi stuff is pretty limited to a sub-genre of a sub-genre of metal. Stay away from the trash black metal bands that take themselves seriously and you will be greeted with open arms by everyone else. Oh and stop listening to that emo “post-hardcore” trash.
  7. Are you making from scratch? You will be using anchovies, yes?
  8. They arrested the guy who set the churches on fire in Louisiana. His dad turned him in! Social Media sleuths have indicated that he is a member of a black metal band. Black metal is mostly trash and has long had serious issues with nazis and fascists amongst its followers. Similar to the 80s and 90s with the punks and skins but most of them were rightfully pushed out. Press conference at 10 AM today so we’ll find out if the info being passed around is true.
  9. How many of those people were president of the United States of America?
  10. Treason huh? Totally normal for the president to be accusing his political enemies of treason.
  11. Is sworn testimony enough or do you need video of it as it happened? Although I do agree, why are highly trained agents plugging unknown thumb drives into their own PCs? That seems, uh, stupid.