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  1. Oh, he’ll do less when he can get away with it.
  2. Yeah, but it was so long ago. I wasn’t alive so why do I have to do anything. Besides, we’re all equal now and everything should be completely merit based!
  3. Exactly. It just doesn’t matter to you what Trump says or does you roll your eyes and chuckle a little. “That Trump, he’s so silly!” Meanwhile, we are becoming a banana republic lead by a guy who couldn’t have been made up by the writers of Idiocracy. Maybe I am naive about a lot of things but when do we pass the point of what may be unrealistic expectations and just enter plain awfulness? And again, it makes a world of difference between some paid talking head spreading shit, rumors and lies and when the president does it.
  4. He deserves plenty of criticism but never by you right? No matter what that fucking idiot does all you and your fellow “conservatives” say is “Oh that’s just Trump being Trump. We all know he’s bad but we don’t take him seriously.” Fuck that and fuck everyone like you. If it doesn’t matter what the president does or says then what the fuck does matter? Say all you want about what part others may have played in this debacle but they aren’t the president so it means nothing.
  5. Keep an eye on the British royal family. The queen won’t stand for any shit swirling around Prince Andrew.
  6. I can see Page and Plant suing the shit out of India for this.
  7. You have to know that as soon as the stress of living with that ass is gone the pounds will melt away like DC snowfall.
  8. Why would you be shocked? With his man live for Trump, you had to figure he would want to emulate him at some point.
  9. But it hasn’t always been that way. As more and more of these incidents have taken place and any meaningful action has been stymied, moderates have been pushed to the pro ban side. Look at Randy. He used to be in favor of more middle of the road changes but now he’s ready to get rid of 2nd amendment. These are changes that I would gladly sign up for and support.
  10. You know why the calls for a ban have been growing don’t you? The absolute refusal to seriously discuss taking any action whatsoever. Each time this shit happens and nothing changes, a few more people hop on the ban-wagon.
  11. To be fair, Shaggy has been more than willing to provide a list before. Do I agree with him on a lot of the stuff in regards to this? No but he has been willing to talk about ideas.
  12. As I have said many times in this thread. I have only a rudimentary knowledge of the economy and markets but it seems to me that this trade war is short sighted and the Chinese like to play the long game. Maybe it’s a stereotype to think this way but it seems that the Chinese government is willing to accept more short-term pain in order to benefit in the long run. IDK, maybe that’s a simplistic view
  13. [hawksfan] They're jerks too![hawksfan]
  14. Look at today’s GOP, it’s obvious they don’t care about it.
  15. I agree. I should have read down the thread before responding.