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  1. I’m not sure the Miller investigation will produce anything important. That Mueller one though, is a whole different thing!
  2. I get the high legal bar and I lean towards Trump not going to jail but to pretend these filings are a nothingburger is disingenuous at best.
  3. Obviously you haven’t consulted with Phin yet.
  4. How are these calls made? I hear them quite a bit about other things like the Dow and the S&P. Why that price and $1244 or $1246?
  5. Lol. A wannabe despot was elected, that's why people are changing their views of us.
  6. But its the champagne of beers!
  7. In the strictest sense, I think he is correct. It doesn't mean that I agreed with his policies or actions while in the CIA or other posts he held, just that he was experienced.
  8. Why? Are you saying Trump never made any claims about Obama?
  9. You can hate the Eagles but Joe Walsh is the man.
  10. CNN originally reported that she was charged with manslaughter. I thought that was bs. Glad it was more serious.
  11. No, he the guitarist in the Eagles.
  12. My dad was a long-haul trucker and swore there were people who just aimlessly circled the city on 285 24 hours a day.
  13. Lol. Have you ever been to NNE? They take a beating up here. Our gas tax is 31 cents, so about middle of the pack nationally. Mother nature just beats the roads to death up here so just minimally maintaining them is a big expense.
  14. It's such a clusterfuck here in NNE. The lowest price in VT right now is $2.39 in North Troy, on the Canadian border, not far from Jay Peak. Last week I paid $2.36 in Concord, NH. The cheapest in my town is $2.79