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  1. Everybody is poor to someone along the line
  2. All legitimate critisims. Who the hell was Obama to risk the nation’s security and well being by putting his feet up on his desk? The nerve of that man!
  3. While this is the truth, I'm not convinced any type of illegal activities would show up explicitly on his tax returns. If someone is committing illegal activities, falsifying a tax return is not a hurdle.
  4. And all of New England.
  5. So in other words, we can pick and choose the laws we obey. Got it.
  6. Nice of them to do it after the news of an executive order has been broken.
  7. I don't know. http://time.com/5315234/sheriff-deputy-texas-sexual-assault/
  8. That was sort of what I was thinking too. If he can't negotiate a satisfactory price with you, then he needs to find a different provider that will accept his offer. I'm no economic expert but that seems to be the way the system works.
  9. No we're not, they were trying to keep Jews in, not people out!
  10. I agree. There is no way he could spell ummmmm on his own.
  11. Crack back with reason and evidence. I think you and Rutgers were actually having a decent back and forth for a bit and your the only conservative here that seems capable of making a salient point until spiral off the rails.
  12. What the fuck dude. Did you come back just to be an ass with an apparent anger problem? Why are you so bitter? If I ran the world like you and User claim to, I’d be in a much better mood.
  13. Not at all. As has been stated ad nauseam, nobody "likes" abortion. It would be wonderful if there were no abortions ever but the fact of the matter is they happen for a wide variety of reasons and I am in no position to tell anyone what they should do with their body. It is none of my business. If you were truly concerned, then you would work to make options available for those who feel like abortion is their only option, you would support strong reproductive education in schools and you would understand that the vast majority of abortions aren't used as a form of birth control. Until then you should expect ridiculous replies to your ridiculous posts.
  14. If you are going to make ridiculous statements, like I was responding to, then you should expect a ridiculous response.
  15. I have fetus shredding on my schedule from 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays