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  1. Or, for a long time people think "I'm ok. I never have to deal with that person again" and then you realize that the person who did this literally has the rights and freedoms of millions of people in his hands and he shouldn't. That's the point that you need to realize its not revenge, its trying to prevent someone from gaining a position they shouldn't be in.
  2. That's right. The most important thing is to make sure we have a full 9 person court ASAP. It is imperative that this nomination isn't held up for some ridiculous period of time, like 293 days for instance. It must be done now, or the nation will crumble! We can't wait!
  3. Thank god we still have Prince though.
  4. Can we get on with this vote after we have the vote on Garland? Oh wait.....
  5. No but it certainly doesn't mean following what other countries just because. What happened to American exceptionalism? I guess we should just do the least amount possible because China, Russia or East Bumfukistan only does so much.
  6. Yes, we should strive to be like other countries instead of leading the way. Good point.
  7. As long as it doesn't impact the gold mining reality shows.
  8. I’ve heard the same thing about wealthy people not having overly fancy cars. I fall somewhere in between. I have an awful phobia about big car repair bills. We didn’t have much money growing up and a car problem created big issues for my mom getting to and from work since there is little to no public transport in Vermont. I like having cars where I don’t have to worry much about repairs. We have leased my wife’s last two cars so they are always under the bumper to bumper warranty. I buy low mileage used cars that I research the hell out of. None of our cars are ostentatious though. My wife has a GMC Acadia and I have a mid-level Ford Fusion.
  9. Would save you a morning in November
  10. Somewhere in the Dallas area, our own Beto Male is feverishly tapping away at his pc to achieve this result.
  11. Love to agree with you but as long as we have the likes of wd40, ice#s etc. around, he's not the absolute worse.
  12. Which is still more than you do.