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Obstructionist Democrat

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  1. Certainly not all those he did deport in LatAm and the Middle Easterners he drone bombed.
  2. I don't agree with CR/user crew on a lot but damn they are right about you. I can't stand Trump but rooting for economic recession? You're pathetic.
  3. If you keep repeating a lie enough, people will believe it.
  4. You know, I actually like most of the discussion in here until Stebo and company show up.
  5. FIFY
  6. I'm shocked that metfan would think this way.
  7. Trump so gooooooooood
  8. The right in general.
  9. Same people defending Trump saluting a NK soldier were blowing a gasket when Obama bowed to Japan's emperor.
  10. He tends to have these random flashes of not being a nutter from time to time.
  11. OMG We're seriously normalizing KJU now. Please tell me I'm misinterpreting. How in the FUCK can anyone defend this?
  12. He's gotten pretty lame lately, same shit every day.
  13. Shocking this drops after the Trump Foundation news.
  14. The right wing is truly exposing their lunacy ITT. And be original, all you guys have is "lol Trump so good" and "haha libs are so dumb lol".