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  1. Thanks! And you park your car in handicapped spaces, while handicapped people make handicapped faces.
  2. I usually dismiss any thread started by Phineas, because they tend to be asshole threads.
  3. What about his joking right? Everybody has a right to joke. He's not joking about Hannity, though. He sucks big donkey balls.
  4. And if they didn't, and they hit the talk show circuit, wrote books, etc., you'd be bloviating about their opportunism. No matter what happened, Phin has plausible assholability.
  5. I look forward to my next catastrophic weather event being forecast by the lowest bidding company.
  6. Eh, every stadium does that. That pouncing falcon pose is stupid. I'd mock him too, if he was on a visiting team.
  7. You guys think George Soros is the antichrist?
  8. Hope you righties all have fun with your bukkake festival. I look forward to the day you have to clean it up with your mops and chisels.
  9. You were just about to post it, but you ninja'd yourself at the top of this page?
  10. I do. I'll give Trump credit for not fucking up all of Obama's tremendous economic accomplishments... at least, yet.
  11. Well, it's definitely not chocolate mousse.
  12. Yeah, that's a big meh. At least they have beer in their cups.