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  1. His loyalty lies with whatever pisses off liberals most effectively.
  2. Whoops. And now that it's apparently not just a "one-off situation", any additional accusers are just jumping on the #metoo gravy train. Right?
  3. Not like you were ever exactly a Rhodes scholar, but did you suffer a head injury recently?
  4. If you try to say that Kavanaugh isn't a rapist, you have to spend half the day defending against claims that you support Kavanaugh and laugh at claims of sexual assault. It's been going on here for years, and not many people have the stomach for it. Kavanaugh is a creep, and I have no doubt that he did assault Ford in the manner she described, and he should never sniff a SCOTUS seat, but Trix stands alone in calling Kavanaugh a rapist.
  5. Phin's in full-blown mouth-foaming meltdown mode this morning.
  6. You know... just a few months ago, I would have read this and thought, "I shouldn't be shocked at his cluelessness...", meaning that I was shocked, but shouldn't be. Now, when I read this, I think, "I should be shocked at his cluelessness...", meaning that I'm not shocked, but I should be. That tells you how far this country's standards and expectations have fallen.
  7. She has caused a Supreme Court nomination hearing to grind to a halt. A Republican nominee, by a Republican president, in a Republican-controlled senate. And she's dictating terms for speaking to her. Sounds like this woman has collectively made all these male Republican senators her bitches. Chew on that, Phin.
  8. The only benefit to Dr. Ford in all this is that it may encourage other victims of sexual assault to speak out. Otherwise, she's risking her livelihood by coming out publicly. Not surprising that the usual group of dingleberries here can't comprehend that.
  9. Instead, it's funny-looking and polka-dotted.
  10. Their mouth-breathing constituency want her to get bullied, though. How dare that uppity bitch screw up their red SCOTUS seat!
  11. Just curious... you say you're asexual, but you have 69 in your screen name. I believe I see a pattern of self-contradiction.
  12. God Bless America. Our new National Anthem: