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  1. Some parts of rural Oregon are kinda Ted Nugenty, I guess.
  2. It's Monday already? Fuck.
  3. And then you posted this: I hope you're not trying to make anyone take you seriously about anything on here.
  4. He wants to be President For Life soooooo bad.
  5. I agree, and I generally like the guy. But he should get a proportional suspension to anyone else.
  6. It's cool, I'm a solid 8.
  7. For the record, I have never seen or heard of that definition of "peanut butter" in my life. And yes, I have gotten a beej while playing video games. I called it... getting a beej while playing video games.
  8. I'm curious as well. That's a pretty serious accusation to be throwing around.
  9. I think one of his socks is no longer wearable.
  10. It's too bad Phin couldn't just apologize to Randy. He would have far fewer problems on here. C'est la vie.