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  1. Impeachment and conviction is a virtual impossibility, with the current makeup of the Senate. Too many gutless two-faces on the R side.
  2. I would pay so much money to see you try to argue this point to the SCOTUS. I'd say that 2-3 of them would piss or shit their robes from laughing so hard.
  3. At least he left out the u, and not the o.
  4. You can tell when some people are bluffing in poker by their eye movements, rapid blinking, etc. Similarly, you can tell when user is trolling, because he sounds like he learned English by reading I Can Has Cheezburger lolcat memes.
  5. The confused old granny was just found guilty of murder in Charlottesville.
  6. PAY ATTENTION TO ME!!!!!!!11!!
  7. If everybody says po-TAY-to, that shouldn't automatically mean that you need to say po-TAH-to.
  8. Stop acting as if you're performing some grand service here. You're just using the facade of being a devil's advocate to be an asshole.
  9. Republicans for responsibility!
  10. Instead of William Barr, he should pick Aaron Burr. Then we could see what happens when Trump insults him via Twitter.
  11. Trump: "Hey, Crooked Hills! Long time no see, how ya doin'?" Hillary: "Suck my dick"
  12. Hopefully it will be held in Mexico.