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Broken Sickman

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  1. We're (sic) these children seperated (sic) from there (sic) parents at the border? (Translated in Metfanese)
  2. Have you ever tried playing basketball in those ruby red slippers?
  3. Ugh, ix-nay on the ewdeal-nay...
  4. **embarrassed Just sayin'.
  5. You live in a delusional world. Righties only care about pissing off the left.
  6. You seem to crave any kind of attention you can get, regardless if it's negative. You're like a toddler that acts out and throws things in day care. You'd better get going to the gym, because you're probably out of breath and sweating profusely from getting owned this morning.
  7. Ahh, but have ALL the metfans been told?
  8. Yes, please tell us all about how this has been happening since Clinton was in office. Because nobody here has said that yet. Here's your chance! You've started strong, with a snarky, knowing comment that surely has every liberal here scratching the point on top of their heads and thinking, "DERRR, what's he talking about?" Come on, go for the kill!
  9. It's probably for the best that we withdraw and recuse ourselves from any major international decision making, at least until 2021. We're just not feeling ourselves at the present moment.