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  1. Why don't Republicans want to get rid of an irrational president?
  2. Nothing matters. The Dept. of Justice is Trump's personal lawyerly faculty. Trump can say and do whatever he wants. Congress is de-fanged, de-scrotomed and de-everything. The takeover over government is tightening. It doesn't matter what any of us think or say...none of us have any influence upon our government...we are powerless and wanted only for the taxes we pay.
  3. He is judged by his free will, his choice to be photographed doing something hateful.
  4. What a bunch of dirty, filthy, criminal liars. https://www.cnn.com/videos/politics/2019/09/18/corey-lewandowski-sessions-end-probe-mueller-report-newday-vpx.cnn
  5. Trump is the worst.
  6. The fullness of time has proven that negotiations are impossible when people communicate in this manner: https://www.cnn.com/2019/09/10/world/netanyahu-israel-west-bank-jordan-valley/index.html
  7. We've lost our way if an American mayor can't even get have a brownie point due to religion or ethnicity.
  8. Rifle shot at close range to the base of the skull and then kick the corpse into a river. https://encyclopedia.ushmm.org/content/en/article/budapest
  9. Hydrogen and stupidity...building blocks of modem America.
  10. Truth, for sure. More bigly, the Democratic Party is in a fatal implosion. The DEMS need a candidate with a 99.9% certainty of winning.
  11. Yep. Yep. After I got the keys from the wife, she criticized my driving relentlessly. To be honest, the left tires of the rental were clattering over the fiberglass lane markers constantly because I was shying away from oncoming traffic over on the right side. I had a tough time resisting the urge to stay to the left, away from the oncoming traffic. Also, our 30 year old daughter was sitting in the back and told her mom, "I had no idea that you and dad argue so much."
  12. I was in Ireland too. Wife was nominated to figure out driving the rental car on the wrong side of the road. She side-swiped two cars that were parallel parked on the left side of the road in under 90 seconds.
  13. Trump called Obama (who was editor in chief of the Harvard Law Review) “a terrible student, terrible.”
  14. two-thirds of gun deaths are suicide.
  15. If the person is fat, can they "grow a set"? Just asking.