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Satan in the White House

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  1. Gay pride has been a good attitude for nearly everyone. Who are the opposition? Those that wave a bible to marginalize others.
  2. Reasonable comment but still, destroying the drone was illegal, pointless and deliberate. Sneaky, also because the Iranians gloat that they recovered pieces of the drone floating in Iranian waters.
  3. Until proven otherwise, Iran destroyed our drone over international waters. So far, our message is that we can easily destroy elements of their military structures at any time of our choosing. While I dislike Trump's attitudes, he played this well because he has preserved every option. To me, the US is projecting strength and power by pulling back to see what the adversary does next.
  4. The Iranians are partially smart. Smart enough to get our attention but not smart enough to capture the drone.
  5. Trump and the Iranians deserve each other. Much of the Human Race prefers rational leadership but we are stuck with something less.
  6. I don't have a problem with that. Family is wonderful.
  7. You can't fix stupid.
  8. Our child president talks s*** again https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/trump-warns-of-epic-stock-market-crash-if-he-s-not-re-elected/ar-AACVC77?ocid=spartandhp
  9. All of Trump's and Barr's complaints of the FBI "spying" just went out the window. Trump's tendencies invite scrutiny. Trump announced that he will do anything to win. The FBI will need to be watching closely and always. Will Barr interfere with the FBI conducting surveillance on the Trump campaign?
  10. Answer to the question above, yes I care what the ladies here think. Additionally, I have a wife and 30 year old daughter and care what they think. The space for interpretation involves "how to socialize without being creepy". Since we aren't mind readers, how are we to know if we can give another person encouragement, a compliment or a smile? Does a man need formal permission to give a lady a compliment? In order to give a compliment, must there be an formal understanding of no "quid pro quo"? If a man shares with a lady "you have beautiful eyes", should the man sign a legal disclaimer that he is appreciating the lady only from the neck up? Does a married man have a requirement to ask his wife for permission to give another woman a compliment or should the married man repress all such thoughts? Is it better for society if people interact in a sterile manner with the purpose of avoiding any accusations of creepiness? Is the finding of another person in itself, creepy? Are the rules different if one or both people in committed relationships? Does a wife fully expect the husband to look at other ladies only peripherally and askance or not at all? With the expectation that everyone in public has a duty to avoid creating a hostile social environment, what are the new rules? Full disclosure: my wife reads a ton of romance novels with images of firefighters and baseball pitchers on the front cover.
  11. We should be reminded that a handful of years ago, it was said that Trump wouldn't run because he would decline to show his tax returns. Then...it was said that he wouldn't even survive the multiple investigations and would not be able to hold out and complete one term much less two. Apparently, 40% of Americans want a monarchy provided the economy holds up.
  12. 7-11 hot dog and small coke; with that LEO discount
  13. If a US citizen has money, he or she can travel almost everywhere. Getting citizenship elsewhere usually involves proving to have a job offer and financial resources to be self-reliant. The Trumpian moves against Mexico and Mexicans has been low class shitonthe lips ignorant babytalk to stoke the White Supremacist haters.
  14. As far as I can figure, Trump is good at being a wealthy bully. Am I not seeing the whole picture?