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  1. Shows the good in all of us.
  2. Plus he uses the N word.
  3. All in the Family brought it up in an episode in the early 70s.
  4. We need a Seinfeld page
  5. Frank Costanza?
  6. Who is that?
  7. Post pics.
  8. Secretly, they all want to dress up in black face and talk jive.
  9. I’m thinking of going as Al Jolson for Halloween.
  10. Some of my best friends are gay
  11. We are looking for someone to beat the likes of Trump, que no? Biden is red meat in a feeding frenzy. They will come for him. It won’t matter that there’s a Nazi on the other side. C’mon Matt. You know this.
  12. I agree. Biden is an intellectual lightweight pushing into his late 70s. I love his feistiness but he’s a loser.
  13. Gotcha. Maybe someone will yank Trumps chain?
  14. Can anybody say this in English?