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Consensual Rape

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  1. Mdecoy beats his dick like it owes him money.
  2. Damn he’s crazy like a shithouse rat.
  3. I once got Captain Planet to give me a rimjob in the Kremlin
  4. Goddamnit!
  5. Arrrrgh! Don’t say it!
  6. Please. For the love of God, Allah, Satan or the great void, stop quoting Captain Planet.
  7. You’re trying to dirty him up to make yourself feel better.
  8. On Fozz’s wedding night, mdecoy will be asleep, on his back, mouth wide open, snoring and then 800 lbs of raccoon shit is going to crash through the ceiling and give him a mouthful.
  9. Mdecoy is jelly of Fozz.
  10. Wouldn’t you love to have PB at a party?
  11. Hot take
  12. Your husband sounds way more thoughtful than I am. To be fair, I make up for it in other ways. my wife says I’m a cactus and she’s a fucking greenhouse.
  13. Phin’s not a Muslim, but he did stay at a holiday inn express last night.
  14. Fozz don’t ever show her this board.