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Cleavon Little

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  1. Where were you? Holler if you're in DFW. I won't smoke but I will drink.
  2. Agreed. I'm only here because I was dragged here when I was three.
  3. John Bolton hates Arabs. He looks like my asshole with a mustache.
  4. Ohio is like Houston but dumber.
  5. This thing is exactly what it appears to be: money laundering for the Russian mob.
  6. ahh. ok. I thought I'd missed something
  7. We the people of the Beta Male Liberation Front, claim responsibility for this act.
  8. Something tell me his eyes were blue
  9. What does what’s going on in Austin has to do with anything?
  10. Republicans always have to pay for it.
  11. What if he has a 14” hog leg?
  12. Sounds like a stalker ex thing.