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  1. He’s HNIC since Randy left.
  2. I doubt they’re that forward thinking. It’s all distraction.
  3. I bet if Dubya or Clinton called him out publicly, he'd try to pull their Secret Service detail.
  4. It's sick what they're doing, yet you can't admit that the president is a narcissist. Not in a "hey look at me" kind of way but in a mentally ill, disassociative kind of way. He is incapable of caring about anything besides himself and that includes our country. He is firing people who have the nerve to question him. He canned McCabe two days before his pension would have kicked in. And now he's revoking clearances to people who could help out in a time of crisis. Yeah, they're the ones that are sick.
  5. Doesn't matter why he did it, revoking the clearance of someone as wired in as Brennan is bad for the US.
  6. He was in the hole at his house until he was trying to get people to lie for him? Also, being isolated for his own protection is not "in the hole".
  7. He'll lie. Or refuse.
  8. 15 years. Pardoned by Trump before he's remanded.
  9. All it takes is one Trumper on that jury....
  10. Too much to be healthy, really.
  11. That high up, it's business people making business decisions. Technology is driven by trends and demand.
  12. You don't need to know how to write code to sit on the board of a software company.