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  1. Isn't the first number in the article just double the median household? I think it's a bit of a stretch to consider that rich.
  2. Alcohol and drugs are definitely scourges on society as a whole but I think it's just a different problem that guns.
  3. This interagency communication stuff has come up before in these incidents. Seems like a pretty big problem. That was part of the rationale with with Homeland security after 9/11.
  4. I agree. Its time for the Dems to stand for something.
  5. I don't believe it. Obama didn't take away their guns. These are not objective people. I've shot a lot of guns in my life. I've shot with people on trap leagues. There a section of reasonable people with this stuff but theyve become fewer and fewer. There is less gun owners but the people who do own gun owns own a shit ton. So we've lost more of the reasonable gun folks over time and now we have a higher percentage of the crazy gun owners armed to the nines. This isn't healthy and everyone should know it. The gop couldn't even tackle bump stocks and then u turn around and blame it on Dems? Fuck you.
  6. No. Its because the NRA donates a lot money to them for them to not get behind any restriction. Come on dude. Most of the us supports further restrictions and the gop did and has done fuck all. I've delt with gun people my whole life. They aren't usually very reasonable when it comes to restrictions. They think Obama Hillary Cuomo etc. Are all coming to take their guns. I've had to piss on cuomo urinal targets How do you reason with people like this?
  7. The forecasters in the smaller regions know climo and pattern recognitions for there specific segment of the world. Why are we creating a problem when there is none? Because trump said so? Ask EC how their more centralized approach leads to quality. (Hint...it doesnt). My guess is that trump and the gop want to gut the nws to allow for private companies to pull up the slack. So anyone who wants good forecasts needs to pay instead of us all getting good forecasts for a dollar a year...
  8. And that would lead to a significant drop in quality.
  9. Literally no one said that. The interpretation of models and putting out good forecasts is not simple. U really don't know what you're talking about. Plus the nws probably gives us most of its benefit in radar interpretation and warning dissemination.
  10. There were models 30 years ago too. There's always a place for human interaction in the process. Given that weather forecasting has gotten a lot more accurate people just expect more anyway...way more detail in the short range more in the medium range too.
  11. Don't good forecasts save businesses money in the long range? Fuck its why I have a job. A dollar per person per year. Seems like a great value to me.
  12. I think this is only a small part of the mental health problem. Most don't need to be institutionalized. Most just need more help.
  13. The opiate addiction crisis is ridiculous. Its a very complex issue that will be difficult to tackle I think.
  14. Great. Big corporate conglomerates have worked out so well for Americans in the past. We're supposed to be the best but our health care system is just embarrassingly behind too many countries.