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  1. You know things are really going to shit when Ben Noll starts posting seasonal models that no one has ever heard of.
  2. The pig!
  3. Multi-tasking is fake news
  4. I thought the question was tongue in cheek and not genuine. I think that's why Randy reacted that way.
  5. So...why aren't they waiting in line?
  6. Wait in line...u can't throw rocks and slip threw the fence...
  7. Why aren't they just waiting in line at the crossing like they're supposed to do? You can't process 1000s of people at once.
  8. Judge appt by reagan issues a ruling defering to state's rights. Sounds super liberal to me...
  9. Sorry just a random aside.
  10. Low oil prices aren't good for Canada.
  11. Yeah that's what I meant
  12. Dude rentfree just said Obama caused the collapse FFS.
  13. Does NYC have private weather forecasting and consultation for their plow/salt guys?
  14. The suburbs are big. That's where elections are won.
  15. All rural America is trump country. So dumb. Buffalo and Rochester and NYC go for Dems.