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  1. Sure. Because nothing Trump seems to do matters politically. Why would Warren's base care about the dna test?
  2. Hence the double standards. Dems have to be perfect. The needle never moves when trump does or says anything. That probably says as much about the decline of our country than anything else.
  3. Trump does the same and worse fucking daily. These double standards are ridiculous.
  4. This is because nothing matters anymore. None of this is fucking normal.
  5. Liberals held on in NL just barely to win a minority government for the first time since 1971. Polling was showing almost a +10 PC advantage by popular vote which ended up very wrong. End result was 20 Liberal - 15 Progesssive Conservative - 3 NDP - 2 Independent.
  6. Youre a kook, dude
  7. The best
  8. Yeah theres thing called birth control thats all the rage nowadays. Make sure you go bareback and do your part.
  9. Abortion rates have been falling for decades. They peaked in 1980.
  10. Other than that how the play, Mrs. lincoln?
  11. The liberals here in NL are currently a bit more popular than they were here when they released their 2016 budget that increased HST and included an income tax levy. This was mainly done to close the huge budget gaps leftover from the PCs who spent like drunken sailors when oil was 140/barrel. (NL get oil royalities from offshore drilling) Given the international and national sentiment, I suspect the liberals will have an uphill climb here on May 16th.
  12. I figure you can appreciate that men are not likely to come forward and make an accusation...much like women. So lack of accusation here to me doesnt mean much.
  13. Youre assuming she had sex with them while they were drugged. Id suggest she robbed them only. Garbage...but not rape.
  14. He also said hed leave for a month if not by april 10th.