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  1. "Conservatives" seem to like her more than dems. Id guess shed peel off more trump vote than dem nominee vote.
  2. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!
  3. Did they ever establish motive? I was surprised they got murder. I was thinking manslaughter.
  4. I have. Teenage...young adult humor. A few us would call each other that in boy scouts and high school.
  5. I guess Greta will be here in montreal today.
  6. This whole forum is vulgar. But in this discussion the difference matters.
  7. That pratice is banned. Only older seals are hunted. Its mostly praticed by the Inuit who use all parts of the seal for food and warmth. Harp seal populations are growing and not endangered or threatened. When did we decide what animals are too cute to get hunted, killed, or raised in digusting conditions?