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  1. Is he still leaving for a month if we dont get it by april 10th?
  2. Here's hoping for an april 11th release.
  3. Isnt it going to be difficult to go hard on ooj when mueller didnt find enough evidence to indict for the principle crime that was being investigated? I get that you can obstruct an investigation without being guilty of the initial crime but it seems like it might be a tough sell overall.
  4. I didnt say anything dumbass. I just asked when it will be released.
  5. Shaggy has been pretty consistent with his trump hate lol.
  6. I figured you had the inside scoup with your ample doj contacts.
  7. You literally havent made a fucking call dude. When is it going to be released?
  8. I assume some would be redacted. Im asking about when we should see the report with the intelligence redacations.
  9. This doesnt answer the question. "Deemed okay" could be a week or ten years.
  10. When do we get to see the report?
  11. Okay, ill play against my better judgement. Id be more afraid if there an uzi or an automatic weapon in general was used in any one of the countless mass shootings. So its either not really easy or the people are aquiring these illegal weapons dont use them to kill a bunch of people.
  12. The chinese and indian ones are cringy bu the rest are halloween and galas and and the one is a war documentary.