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  1. I agree, increasing investment in the third world (by all developed counties) is really the only thing we can do. We can't just move (or let come) all the impoverished people of the world to the developed side (much more poor then rich). I'm really terrified for the future where populations continue to explode in regions that cannot support them. Population growth in deserts (particularly Africa) that grow minimum crops means populations that eventually have to move somewhere else. Israel has done an amazing job at making the desert grow (irrigation). The world need to come together to focus more on these regions. If war is the problem, then UN forces need to go in. If we do nothing, things will get worse and worse.
  2. What do you all think about the new adversity score for the SAT? https://www.cnn.com/2019/05/18/us/sat-adversity-score-factors/index.html I don't like it. Honestly it is masked affirmative action. I suppose it would help the poor kids in Appalachia; but overall it's affirmative action.
  3. Yeah it's disturbing how far folks will stand their ground on an issue. I'm actually more liberal on the rights of women (..think the Alabama laws goes to far). But I'm also very supportive of a hard cutoff of when a women can get an abortion (again outside of medical situations). When my wife was pregnant with our sons, we always relaxed once we got to the 28 week mark. We knew if the baby came early at that point that it would have a really good chance of survival. I couldn't imagine somebody aborting a viable baby at that time. That in my opinion is murder.
  4. We probably need some kind of Federal law that outlines the specifics of when you can and can't get an abortion. I'm not knowledgeable enough on how specific federal laws can get (..overriding states), but something has to give. Personally I think there are state laws that go "too far" both ways. As many other folks on this board have stated, I'm ok with early term abortions (for any reason). But I waver on when there should be a cutoff (20, 24, weeks...), not accounting for a woman's health or viability of the baby.
  5. Ok. But when I say something that you disagree with, don't attack. Just tell me why you disagree. It would be nice to have a place where folks can actually discuss differing ideas.
  6. It would probably surprise you to really know the folks that you call racist on this board. Why would you think I'm a racist? Seriously what have I ever said that would put me in that category?
  7. There are a lot of smart people on this board (left to right). In fact I don't think there are any truly "bad" people. I've seen a lot of you attack each other on this board and on (past) Americanwx. I don't know why you can't have respectful conversations.
  8. Just saying what's the truth.
  9. No, I know a lot of older Democrats that do not like the far left ideas being pushed. They hate Trump but are terrified about what's being discussed by the "new" Democratic party. It's funny that Bernie Sanders is now a moderate in the party when his ideas use to be fringe (at best). If Biden can stay near the center, he'll be able to pull all the older Democrats and blue collar rust belt folks. If one of the far left candidates becomes the Democratic nominee, Trump will win again.
  10. There will be a good proportion that will back him just for the chance to beat Trump. The voters are not stupid. They know that a lot of the ideas the left are pushing are too far left; particularly for the older folks. Side note: If Biden is to truly have a chance to beat Trump, he'll need to stay centered as much as possible. That means not signing on to the New Green Deal (which he hasn't), staying reasonable on migration (like no open boarders and keeping Ice), staying reasonable on health care (but I think this is where he could push a little more left), stay reasonable on college tuition (maybe help with community colleges), and not kissing the ring of Sharpton.
  11. A trade war is hard on both sides; particularly for folks that have geared themselves to products the other counties want (like our farmers). But China has a lot more companies/people depended on the US. I honestly believe we have to do something to stop being so depended on their products. If China was a company antitrust laws would quickly split them up. So we need to either force them into a better trade deal, or split the competition by keeping tariffs as long as needed (which means an extended trade war).
  12. Doing good CR. Hope you are as well. Weather is boring right now so I dropped in here for a bit.
  13. I'm not sure a trade war is really bad for the US in the long run. Yes we'll have cost rise for all the items we get from China (...lots of luxury items), but it will hurt them much more than us. Also we are very good at finding alternative to products. We could increase production from Vietnam, Indonesia, and India. It will take some time but it would also create more competition. **that's why I think the Chinese will negotiate fast to stop us from redirecting. Side note: How about redirect production to South America. It could help with our economic migration problem.
  14. I don't think Trump is a racist, at least not how the far left have tried to portray him. I do think that he is mentally unstable. I honestly think he doesn't care enough to be full on racist (..like Hitler). Too much of a playboy who looks more at himself then worrying about another group of people. But that's just my thoughts..
  15. I like Delaware's law: Delaware Individuals convicted of a felony are ineligible to vote while in prison, on parole, or on probation. Most ex-offenders can regain the right to vote immediately after completion of their full sentence. Except for people convicted of certain felonies–including murder, manslaughter, bribery or public corruption, and sex offenses are barred from voting unless they receive a formal pardon from the governor. As of July 2016, it is not necessary to have paid all fines, fees, and restitution in order to register.