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  1. Dude I live in japan. America and the west in general are light years ahead of Asia and the rest of the world.
  2. Lol at having teams of blacks vs whites on the apprentice. Trump is so good
  3. NK hasn't shot any ICBMs over Japan in years. Thanks Trump!
  4. The US had unchecked immigration until the 1920s, and there were also widespread related issues with political machines and corruption. There are reasons why we have immigration controls
  5. Don’t have any interest in that. I mean I do, but on other forums and venues.
  6. Well specifically we’re arguing over whether or not a poster should be banned or suspended for it. I mean it’s not like anyone here honestly yearns for constructive political debate.
  7. What about insinuating that other posters are autistic or “spectrummy”, can I at least do that?
  8. Terrible outfit but great potus
  9. I live in japan and the liberals still want to cram more people/immigrants into this country. It’s never enough for them
  10. Japan is in desperate need of this, sometimes it seems like the Allies put something in the water to crash T levels among the men in this country after WW2.
  11. Expanding the labor supply exerts downward pressure on wages. Pretty standard Econ 101 stuff.
  12. poor phrasing on my part; i respect the results of the American electoral process, unlike the other side.
  13. a downside to living abroad is dealing with the fall out of America's foreign policy. the country of my current residence, Japan, is only now able to move toward normalization of relations with Russia, thanks in part to the Trump administration looking the other way while the process moves forward. I fear for Japan if the democrats seize power back home again.
  14. That said, Missoula county is quite conservative outside the city proper. Not sure where the remaining precincts are