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  1. probably won't matter, this type of thing only hurts when conservatives do it
  2. cant wait for RBG to die so that Trump can appoint a right wing ideologue as her replacement.
  3. The democratic vp nominee in 1952 was an outspoken segregationist and blacks still voted for that ticket. Just goes to show how futile the black vote is for republicans. Even the guy who appointed earl warren to scotus and deployed the national guard to integrate Arkansas schools, couldn’t win the black vote
  4. even dundalk is a white shithole. unlike conservatives, liberals see everything through a racial lens. to misquote mencken, liberalism is a haunting fear that a white person somewhere might be happy.
  5. Trump's latest tweets about Sharpton and King Elijah's Baltimore Fail
  6. lol well it makes sense once you realize it was drawn, like many other MD districts, to absorb a bunch of Republican voting exurban areas away from the more competitive districts.
  7. The policing pullback after the riots didnt help
  8. broken windows policing has a track record of working in Baltimore and elsewhere. Saying otherwise is liberal nonsense
  9. Being a police officer in bmore is a thankless job. God bless our men in blue, truly the most noble of professions
  10. Basically, adequate policing would help a lot. Broken windows, zero tolerance, etc. time to crack down on the bullshit
  11. Baltimore has a common sense, tough on crime dem in O’Malley running the place, and things were noticeably better. Crime was slowly ticking downward, money was re entering the city, optimism was high. Baltimore was a cool place to be. but, a guy like O’Malley could never make it through a dem primary these days
  12. The sf Bay Area is the best example of the left wing ideal diversity mix. Whites, asians, and gays living mostly intermingled, and blacks and Mexicans living “over there “ in Oakland
  13. Gentrification is great. The free market at work! The point however is that gentrification is one of the clearest examples of white liberal hypocrisy.
  14. Baltimore features an eclectic mix of nabes such as Camden, fells pt, federal hill, and Roland park
  15. In Canton 89.31% of the population is White. In Canton4.99% of the population is Black or African American. In Canton 3.03% of the population is Asian.