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  1. The whole 2 months? Wow, thats a valid point. Lolz
  2. That clearly means be creative with your insults, not with using different words to dance around the one you got suspended for. Nice fucking try though.
  3. You have my permission to post the PM. And since youve already said you’d post it, ill take that as an implicit allowance for me to post it if you dont. And then you can apologize.
  4. I definitely know how lucky we had it. I dont know if that made all the difference in how the viewpoints differ here but im sure its a big part of it. My kids are at an awesome age right now, its a lot of fun.
  5. Nope, she works. We both get to “enjoy” kids. Our schedules allow plenty of time home with the kids, and until a year or so ago we had both sets of grandparents nearby to help.
  6. i know im lucky, but i feel like im in a different fucking universe than most of you. My kids werent awful as toddlers...we probably woulda had more if it was financially possible. Didnt have to pay for daycare once. And most of the mentally unstable people i know were only children themselves 🤷‍♂️
  7. I lost 40 lbs on my deadlift in a month of trying keto. I need carbs.
  8. So explain why one needs to be married to understand why jonger is doing this.
  9. It doesnt take a married person to understand how fucked up jonger is.
  10. We’re fighting the medicaid battle now, trying to do spousal refusal for my father so he doesnt go broke, revoking trusts that had transferred assets to me and my brother...all while she is hospitalized and hoping we can get it done before the hospital discharges her because her coming home is impossible for our family.
  11. Meh. If my parents had bought long term care 20 yrs ago when it was discussed, it more than likely wouldnt have covered my mother’s need for a nursing home because of her alzheimers now anyway. Better off jumping off a fucking bridge when diagnosed with something terminal.
  12. So you mean needing a weapon to protect your liberties against the govt wont work, because the govt has better weapons?