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  1. You should fuck off, you agreed with a terrible ohleary post and then criticized the only mod who actually has done anything around here. Maybe instead of spouting off, take a minute to discuss it with him? Or just let lookout and hoosier moderate i guess?
  2. Cursing definitely implies he has mental issues. Great post.
  3. PS...can you explain how not funding the Zadroga bill and various 9/11 health funds is a GOP talking point?
  4. You dont have disagreements with republicans here because there are democrats? Thats what youre going with? So why are you here discussing anything at all if you arent going to you know...actually fucking dicuss something?
  5. Thats definitely the takeaway from that post.
  6. We cant even get republicans to pay for health care for thousands of cops and firemen dying from 9/11 cancer, what makes you think discussing how democrats and republicans treat cops with jonger is going to get thru to him?
  7. The only poster i banned was a lefty that tracked down jongers work address. But yea the persecuted righties have it terrible.
  8. He is definitely the perfect candidate.
  9. Maybe for the same reason some of the central park 5 “confessed”.
  10. Anyone who complains about arrogance in sports probably was the worst kid on their little league team. Christ.
  11. Its fucking intense
  12. Why is sex while camping hard?