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  1. In theory only, if one were to hit it with a lit flare from about 15’ away...it would make a very large boom.
  2. Its more fun to fill them with mapp gas and float them into the tv room at work. In theory. Never seen it. Hi FBI.
  3. Of course hes making it up fozz. He’d shit his pants if someone open hand slapped him.
  4. Better creative writing than the Mingo Jack book at least.
  5. Thats why we carry 9 volt batteries near the chauffeurs seat. Lol
  7. Duh, gotta prove youre tough by watching people die on a computer screen.
  8. Link to the refund data? Thanks.
  9. Pshhh my post was awesome
  10. https://www.ajc.com/blog/get-schooled/gunfights-trained-officers-have-percent-hit-rate-yet-want-arm-teachers/mDBlhDtV6Na4wJVpeu58cM/ arming teachers will more than likely end up with more dead kids than if they simply lock their doors.
  11. Ok...so spout off...dont defend your position, and pretend its others fault. Good luck. And you wonder why people wont debate you? Ffs