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  1. thank you kemosabbie..........And FYI i just stood and cheered and clapped loudly in celebration
  2. please give frequent updates since i can't watch it. My redneck ass is going to do my civic duty and cook Pizzas at our fireman's carnival. Both my redneck daughter and Irish wife also will be helping so they can't watch it either
  3. No sense in changing im not bothered by him just had heavy rain a couple minutes ago, other then that dry
  4. You read an awful lot into a short post. what is wrong with Pickles, or that area? Redneck?? Maybe......................... Heroics? Nah, there was only 3 guys, my wife is Irish, pretty certain her and my daughter could have handled themselves. Again, i feel sorry for your wife and daughter. Do you allow them to leave the house?
  5. Seems like a pretty big gap between your ears.
  6. do you allow them to speak?
  7. I feel sorry for them.
  8. If i have to explain it, you still probably won't get it. You married? Got daughters?
  9. Mocked a TV program? Bare foot and Pregnant amiright?
  10. No dumbass. Had my daughter heard his fucked up comment SHE would have been in his face. Then i would have had to intervene. Mocking a TV show? or being dumb fucks who think women don't belong playing sports?
  11. How many Mayors have had to come out and apologize for their officers actions this year? Phoenix is just the latest.
  12. sometimes ya gotta call it the way you see it. I lost track of the times someone in EMS or fire told somebody who is overboard to shut the fuck up. Most times it works.
  13. My chicks took me to Baltimore for fathers day, so before the game we were in Pickles Pub having some cocktails. They had the soccer game on and one of the guys behind me said "why are they showing this shit, its not even a sport if women can play it" Good thing my wife and daughter were in the bathroom or i'd probably be in a B-more jail. one of them certainly would have cocked off.