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  1. PA will follow suit i'd bet. But first we were to worried about changing the first day of hunting season from Monday to a Saturday. Now that their priorities are taken care of (as of an hour ago)they'll work on the tobacco law now
  2. i like it. I drink all kinds of beer, but that is my go to. As much beer that gets consumed at my house, i would be broke if my beer fridge was stocked solely with top tier beers
  3. are you going? a couple years ago @BxEngine was at the same concert i was at in Hershey. I didn't see him though. And now i can't remember who it was, maybe Jimmy Buffett
  4. I know, i know. I'll be on the beach in OCMD. Last year i saw Lynyrd Skynyrd on this same weekend
  5. yes, i think that was when they came to Hershey.
  6. i quit cold turkey, when i stopped chewing and back in September when i stopped cigars.
  7. i haven't seen either. FFDP was in Hershey at the Giant Center, my wife worked there and wouldn't take me
  8. This summer will be my test, when i get on my John Deere to mow. it was always Light up a berry Backwoods, put on my head phones and crank disturbed/five finger death punch etc and sip a ice cold Miller high life and mow for 2 hours. my wife said i won't make it.
  9. was it hard to stop for you when you were drinking?
  10. well, if at you're old enough to go to battle and 18 is the magic number that says you're capable of making decisions as to who you want to lead our country, then you should be able to smoke, drink or whatever else comes with adulthood. If they're going to raise the age to smoke and the drinking age is already 21, then don't send them to war either.
  11. I'm sure every Dept. has their own protocol. The other night my wife and i were watching the ABC world news and it showed a dept chasing a stolen truck. In the process they did major damage to 3 police vehicles. And, the guy got away.
  12. Not sure they meant by police. Not speaking for them but i believe they meant you're going to get beat during one of your road rage incidents.
  13. i think the urge stays with you for a loooooooooooooooooooooooong time. I like the smell of a cigar, but i haven't really been provoked to smoke one. You have valid points as well.