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  1. I still haven’t forgiven Wall Street, Bush, and Obama for the TARP bailout. It was so unbelievably gross. And sure, although Obama wasn’t president yet, he fully endorsed it on his campaign, which in turn helped legitimize it.
  2. How do you know that? Did the stock market tank when LBJ won in 1964? Or when Truman was re-elected in ‘48?
  3. I’m not so sure about that. As I’ve said before, once Americans actually listen to her, I think they’ll like her a lot more.
  4. Bernie voted against the Patriot Act. Also he opposes getting rid of the filibuster, which means he’d like to keep the impulse to shove new laws down our throats in check. But if he starts praising FDR’s court packing or threatens to impose all kinds of heavy handed laws through executive action, then I’ll be more inclined to see him as a blatant authoritarian.
  5. Questioning her loyalty to the country and being the person who brings attention to those out of context comments to cast aspersions against her, both go beyond mere “criticism”.
  6. Yes, I’m “off the rails” because I don’t believe Bernie is the totalitarian that Trump is. Get outta here.
  7. Nope, definitely not. Trudeau sucks.
  8. LOL no it’s not. Most of his ideas are consistent with a modern social democracy.
  9. The difference was that Trump had all kinds of totalitarian impulses unlike Bernie.
  10. I disagree with her tax policy. I don't think anyone on the left would call that "endangering her life".
  11. You've gotta judge that by early 00s standards.
  12. Bernie may be crude and not very intellectual, but what he's doing works. A lot of Democrats are sick of their politicians being cautious or seeming to capitulate so soon. But as long as Congress isn't full of left-wing ideologues, I don't think there's too much for skeptics to worry about. For example I think nationwide rent control and the $15 minimum wage are absurd ideas, but high housing costs and low wages are legit problems. I just don't agree with his solutions, but at the same time those issues shouldn't be shoved under the rug.
  13. Justin Trudeau? Who cares... it was almost 20 years ago. There's only one racist national leader on this continent and it sure as hell isn't Trudeau.
  14. Bernie is mainly trying to shift the Overton window, and on that note he's been a huge success since 2015. He knows that all those proposals can't be passed the way they're written. It is Congress that will do the legislating, but he wants those ideas to become normalized in our political discourse so that some version of them that might be more realistic can happen.