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  1. Richard Spencer is an atheist. Some far right racists like David Duke use Christian rhetoric to bolster their sense of identity, but their ideology isn't really motivated by religion.
  2. Looks like Jonger isn't the only one who uses JongerFacts to argue.
  3. Most right-wing fanatics in the west are motivated more by racism and extreme nationalism than by Christian extremism. And as far as the Christian right, domestic culture wars aren't the only problem with them. Many of them are determined to bring about the apocalypse and advocate for policies (especially foreign policy) that they think will bring the world closer to it.
  4. 2019 has right-wing militias that are kidnapping asylum seekers. They may not be technically wearing white hoods, but are they any better? https://www.cnn.com/2019/04/19/us/border-militia-migrants/index.html
  5. stubo Obozocare rofl
  6. >displays Libertarian Party mascot on his profile >calls someone an ignorant piece of shit for advocating ideas that are in line with the party he claims to support
  7. Not all libertarians are ancaps.
  8. With our swelling national debt, those tax rates may become necessary.
  9. The Libertarian party favors abolishing ICE. Many libertarian intellectuals also favor open borders, because they see how evil many of these agents are and how much they violate the human rights of people who’ve done nothing wrong. I guess Bryan Caplan and Alex Nowrasteh are “POS lefties” according to you. You are no libertarian. You’re a wingnut who only supports liberty for people like yourself.
  10. None of those "big government" programs you hate so much are even close to being as oppressive as ICE. Oh noes, my taxes will be a little higher! So much worse than peaceful individuals being ripped from their families and communities for being on the wrong side of an imaginary line!
  11. Most of this sounds pretty good to me. I think we can bring military spending down to 2% of GDP and still be very well positioned.
  12. China is going to spend much more in the years to come, and we need to be prepared to deal with the geopolitical implications of it.
  13. As much as I criticize the war machine, I do think we need a bit more than $200 billion. We want to be well ahead of any potential rivals, but of course the status quo is way too wasteful.
  14. Canada is a better place to live than Pakistan. And taking the best people from the third world makes Canada even better.