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  1. It sucks, and I feel bad for truly peaceful people that are being threatened and tormented. The Chinese have always wanted cultural preservation though.
  2. The Han don’t care either, there is no being PC. The Han want nothing to do with Islam.
  3. The Han don’t like Muslims, Conservative white people don’t like Muslims, Hindu Indians don’t like Muslims, Muslims don’t like Muslims. What am I missing?
  4. How well does it handle in thick ass sagebrush?
  5. Load up a couple of drones with tear gas. Not sure how many crazies in F-150s will show up though.
  6. Sadly I think there will be enough fools to attempt this. Fortunately the main base is quite a few miles from any near entrance. All they would have to do is close any roads leading up to the base and it’s like a 50 mile adventure.
  7. Hey Jonger you love adrenaline rushes like snowmobiles in blizzards. You could be a hero to all those that want to know about aliens.
  8. 1.4 million now “signed up” lol. Even if a thousand of these people actually showed up and did something. The government couldn’t possibly kill all of them would they?
  9. But then why is it people and businesses are allowed to use tax loopholes to avoid paying taxes? After all taxes aren’t theft and they should be participating in the system.
  10. So essentially Europe.
  11. PB is being really disingenuous, if he really meant what he says about taxes not being theft, he should be advocating people like Trump and corporations to stop using loopholes and to pay their fair share of taxes like the rest of us.
  12. I’m not advocating it. All I’m saying is taxes are a form of socialism and wealth redistribution, but it comes down to how much socialism is ok. The state takes our personal money without much of a choice to pay for the collective wellbeing of society, that’s socialism.
  13. I’m not denying that high taxes slows growth, all I’m saying is taxes are a form of wealth redistribution and theft. It’s not “bad policy” though, it’s just simply taking more of your own money to give more benefits to the people in the system. You personally might think it is bad policy because you don’t add more personal wealth, but others will have more access to social wellbeing.
  14. A tax is just revenue for the state to do whatever it wants. It’s wealth redistribution. It’s just going from private hands into “public” hands. Taxes are just a fancy word for socialism.
  15. Taxation is wealth redistribution. Point blank.