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  1. Wake me up when September ends.
  2. He always says bullshit like “locked and loaded” . He isn’t going to do anything. He may lob a few tomahawk missiles, but that’s about the max I expect to happen.
  3. Enjoy it while it last. Oil prices will be sub 50 in 5 years. EVs are going to kill global oil demand.
  4. Tina is a dope. We aren’t doing anything at the request of Saudi.
  5. It’s what they used to do unfortunately. They failed to realize radioactive waste bioaccumulates, it doesn’t dilute. Just keep investing in solar and find ways to recycle the PV waste.
  6. Forever21 mulling bankruptcy. Another retailer bites the dust.
  7. At this point, just do everything in your power to reduce your footprint, tell as many who will listen. It’s up to us now.
  8. RBG better hope Trump doesn’t get 4 more years.
  9. Limiting radiation exposure in space will be one of the hardest task. Mars has no magnetosphere. Plus we don’t even know what biological problems will happen with births in less gravity.
  10. Best bet for a deep repository is going to be in a red state. So we might as well be looking into stable geologic sites in Montana, Wyoming, Utah, or Idaho.
  11. I’m only ok with nuclear if we have a very deep waste storage site similar to what Yucca was suppose to be.
  12. Emmanuel Macaron.
  13. 100% hemp, hemp should be growing everywhere, hemp paper, hemp plastic, hemp fibers, hempcrete. All day everyday hemp.
  14. I should be able to put things like my food packaging into my backyard compost. That’s the kind of shit that impresses me. We need this on a large scale!