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  1. That's cool, I hope you find what you are looking for. But if that is truly the case then don't be mad at her if she had a partner who was sexually experienced. Which is why I recommend you lose your virginity if it isn't that important to you. While sex isn't everything in a relationship, you better make sure it is damn good enough to keep her interested.
  2. So your goal is to have your family find you a virgin? or are you ok with her not being one?
  3. Nah, I was never the ditch em and leave em type douche, I was just really good at making them wanting more, and convincing them of doing things they would never do with other boyfriends.
  4. You do you Fozz, I'm not saying to be like me. I'm not saying arranged marriages don't work, it just may not bring the sexual adventure you want. Just be prepared for the inevitable ackwardmess of sexual inexperience from both sides, and don't be mad if she never becomes sexually satisfied due to your lack of experience. I just know what has worked for me, and I kept a lot of women happy and to this day some still try and @ me. May you be happy in your journey.
  5. That's fine, but the more women friends you have, the more likely you won't have any relationships that lead to sex. But it doesn't appear you want a casual relationship with sex, so my advice won't pertain to you anyways. If you want to remain a virg until marriage, that is up to you. But I can see why you want an arrangement marriage, because that is like the only way you will find a woman on your wavelength.
  6. We are all sick snowflake, enjoy life before it passes you by.
  7. Trust whoever you want, that is your choice. But when you have a woman crying on your shoulders telling you have sweet you are for listening to her issues, don't be mad when she's banging your neighbor and not you.
  8. Have you ever tried?
  9. ganja
  10. Who needs powerball when you have Russiaball right?
  11. I'm not saying we should aspire to do it, I'm saying helping Fozz will be much easier than convincing a Catholic girl to do dirty things in church.
  12. I once got a Catholic girl to give me head in a confessional. I think I can help Fozz, that will be much easier than that.
  13. I once had a prude girl, 1 month later she was telling me to do whatever I wanted lol.
  14. There isn't a single women I wasn't able to have reached orgasm. I always make sure the women has fully reached pleasure before I do. I could never get my exes to stop calling me, but yet somehow I'm a pile of trash.
  15. no way, gotta go with 3s 4s and 5s.