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sinister speed nachos

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  1. he sounds like you and you know it
  2. Hi Michael, Thank you for contributing to Clifford (aka Daniels) v. Trump et al. on CrowdJustice!
  3. who else is donating? https://www.crowdjustice.com/case/stormy/
  4. this deserves its own thread
  5. women need to be pleasant amirite
  6. white middle americans have had decades to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and they failed. let them rot in their trailer parks
  7. idc about the messenger as long as someone says it. middle america is trash
  8. you're wasting your time on someone who's beneath you
  9. imagine if blm or antifa did this to white people. the wingers had a crap attack over a starbucks window
  10. he knows what he's doing, mr i went to bat for brian numbers
  11. he knows what he's doing. people like that are beneath me