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  1. My oil stock is up 14% today.
  2. Glad I took my profits from the December-July rebound and ran. Now I can watch and wait to reenter at a cheaper price. Although I did keep a few oil stocks. I regret that.
  3. There are tons of stories out there, where clear racism is apparent. But the liberals don't like those stories. Neither does BLM (which Obama liked to cozy up to). They love the stories where it might have been racism, it just as easily might not have been. That way, when someone questions if it was racism. They liberals can thump their chests and go "aha, look at that racist". When are liberals going to learn that this tactic only loses them elections and gets people like Trump elected?
  4. Obama let racial divisions flourish in our country.
  5. Obama's divisions directly led to Trump being elected. Michael Brown's "hands up don't shoot" and anyone who disagrees with that is a racist mantra; is a sure fire way to get people to vote Republican.
  6. Bingo, we can't ignore the context of why he wants the flag removed from shoes. Again, the hilarious thing is the Betsy Ross Flag was not the first American Flag nor did Betsy Ross sew the first American Flag. So the flag and the term "Betsy Ross Flag" is FAKE HISTORY. It was some bullshit that her grandson came up with 100 years later so he could get some publicity and its still thought of as real. Francis Hopkinson came up with the design of the first flag. So this entire thing is so ignorant.
  7. Yeah, he needed his name back in the headlines.
  8. Betsy Ross didn't sew the first American Flag, and her version was not the first flag. So Colin unintentionally supported my cause to teach correct history. He's a moron though.
  9. The guy wore a shirt honoring Fidel Castro. You do know who that is right? You do know we he did, right? The guy is a hack; and deserves to be called out a such.
  10. Its one thing to question things our country does. That is what we were founded on. But if you want to be anti American, get the **** out. Goodbye. And leave the millions of dollars you've made off the system behind. See ya! You hypocrite.
  11. I 110% abhor racism and obviously support fair and equal treatment of all African American by police. Racist police who commit racist acts should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. That being said, Colin Kaperwhatever is one big steaming pile of shit.
  12. Wow, oil prices spike on this news.
  13. I have never voted for him and he was up against a pretty horrible candidate. SO I am not sure why this is even a question.
  14. Definitely don't support this. Bad road to go down. But it won't happen.
  15. I feel like anything I disagree with regarding repbulicans here is already torn apart anyway. The pile on would be redundant. What I mean is probably not "talking point" more like people pull out GOP beliefs and just assume I will defend every single one. Like I am going to defend 9/11 victims not getting funding? Eh? BTW, same friend who is a Fire Chief, he was also rescue at ground zero and also suffers from it.