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  1. Wow, oil prices spike on this news.
  2. I have never voted for him and he was up against a pretty horrible candidate. SO I am not sure why this is even a question.
  3. Definitely don't support this. Bad road to go down. But it won't happen.
  4. I feel like anything I disagree with regarding repbulicans here is already torn apart anyway. The pile on would be redundant. What I mean is probably not "talking point" more like people pull out GOP beliefs and just assume I will defend every single one. Like I am going to defend 9/11 victims not getting funding? Eh? BTW, same friend who is a Fire Chief, he was also rescue at ground zero and also suffers from it.
  5. I always find it weird when people break out GOP talking points and ask me to defend them. I am not a republican. I probably lean right, but there is plenty I disagree with them on. The only reason I don't have those disagreements here is because this place is full of liberals.
  6. Kush posts here?
  7. ^ But no, we aren't looking to tarnish them all!!
  8. The misspelling was intentional. Out of disrespect for him. Sometimes my humor/inside stuff is lost on people.
  9. Where is the clarification by the left that most cops are good people who risk their lives to protect you?
  10. OKay. It is still a small portion. Wrong. This is a lie, I've clearly stated that I want bad cops punished and prosecuted. I didn't say those things were necessarily to tarnish all cops, but its implied by the left that a large majority of them are terrible..... and guess what? That is 100% bullshit.
  11. No it isn't. When you take such a public stand in the national spotlight, the burden is 100% on him to clarify. You'd ask for all the clarity in the world if a Republican kneeled at a gay pride parade. Just more hypocrisy.
  12. Where it that did I defend bad cops? Please don't teel lies Thanks.
  13. Well they are out there risking their lives for the good of communities, I can see being just a bit annoyed that people think they are all racist psychos. I wouldn't appreciate it.
  14. Could you find me video of Colin Tabernackle praising the good cops and clarifying that they save lives, put their lives in harms way, and that his kneeling is not directed towards them. Because I seemed to miss that. Would love to see it.
  15. No one, but you are looking to tarnish them all for the actions of a few. Please tell me this Phoenix story wasn't used to tarnish an entire force. Please teel me the kneelers in the NFL aren't looking to tarnish cops in general.