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  1. Christianity is harmless. Liberals place it above Islam in terms of impact, due to that first Tuesday in November every year.
  2. That's not religiously motivated. Are militias intercepting asylum seekers at checkpoints or people climbing fences, which aren't asylum seekers. I was under the impression they were intercepting people trying to illegally enter. I condone that. As long as they aren't harmed and authorities are contacted. As much as you don't have a problem with it, entering the country outside of a POE will subject you to prosecution and deportation.
  3. Liberals love to lump Christianity in with Islam, this is politically motivated due to Christians overwhelmingly voting GOP. You can't possibly conflate christianity and Islam without being naive or holding a vendetta.
  4. McVeigh was motivated by perceived government oppression. The KKK has been irrelevant for at least 75 years. Let's deal with 2019.
  5. Christians are harmless. Hicks are harmless too.
  6. That's the beauty of individual state laws, they have a mild version of that now.
  7. I'm clear to distinguish between being anti-Islam and anti-Muslim. Fozz was born into his religion, as I was born into christianity. I have no logical reason to hate him personally. I stopped believe in the teen years, but that's not an easy thing to do.... especially in Islam.
  8. I tend to focus on the versions that result in needless death and suffering. Christianity isn't killing people these days and the charitable aspects are quite positive. Islam is a dumpster fire from the ground up.
  9. Promoting or coddling Islam isn't helping humanity one bit. That faith needs to fade away into history. The sooner the better.
  10. History will show that Trump was reelected.
  11. The same percent of America likes him today as 2016.
  12. Looking good.
  13. Would you prefer zero posts and have Ampol turn into a moderated liberal blog?
  14. Jussie was given a very odd form of plea deal. Trump was never even charged with a crime.