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  1. Wealth inequality is as inevitable as death.
  2. So trailer parks can be put next to mansions.
  3. Trumps approval has been rising.
  4. They think Scandinavian socialism is being held up by middle America and it pisses them off. Whatever it takes to get there. Pitting races against each other, fomenting disorder.... market collapse. Whatever it takes.
  5. Chris Hayes is a turd ball.
  6. Not sure how the picture signing is a Trump blunder. Sounds more like a weird family to me.
  7. Nice goalpost move.
  8. To hell with recent retirees! Don't we elect a president so that our lives improve? You want to see everything fall a part, so we can put it back together again... hmm..
  9. Once a few countries (China) fold to Trump's trade dealings.... the market is going to explode upward. Short term pain for long term gain. Meanwhile, Stebo & H2O's pension will be safe..... either way. Which is why they don't care.
  10. The problem is that you have no solutions that will stop this from happening over and over. We are either a relaxed law refugee camp or a safe haven for people that really need it.
  11. Depends, we rarely test this out. Murder, rape, armed robbery.... that's human decency, we just don't accept that. Cheating taxes, polluting, stealing, drinking and driving..... We know this requires enforcement. Crossing a municipal boundary without a permit, that requires enforcement.
  12. You sound like a loser saying this.
  13. That pic might go over well among scat lovers.