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  1. You do realize this is just a showcase event?
  2. Let's put a name to the person who requested those funding items. If my rep was behind it, I won't be voting for him again.
  3. I'd love to audit the military. On paper, I'd have to assume the military works for the interest of the United States, none of these items appear to.
  4. So sick of spending money of useless crap.
  5. It's snowacane... He's not really worth debating anything with.
  6. We'll find out. We had a week of people making lots of noise about it being racially motivated. I guess tossing that accusation out there is just natural to some of the posters here.
  7. Video confession has no mention of group or hate speech. If I was going to die for a cause, I'd probably list it or at least hint at it. He did none of that.
  8. He'd be a democrat like most of the beaten down betas on AmPol.
  9. I wonder how much evangelical love Bill Clinton got when he was president -- and a white guy. Answer = None.
  10. Never seen a democratic candidate in Michigan that I liked. They usually spout a bunch of victimization lies and make our business climate terrible, resulting in nowhere to work.
  11. Looks like Hillary is trying to tie up loose ends. https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/public-safety/lobbyist-says-he-was-nearly-killed-by-man-he-hired-to-investigate-seth-richs-death/2018/03/19/a4261e48-2baa-11e8-8688-e053ba58f1e4_story.html
  12. Of course if I had no new material, I'd probably focus on rec league basketball videos and the age of lobsters in order to feel like I'm not a worthless chubby single man.
  13. There are lobsters over 140 years old. You say this like it's something far-fetched. Go back to being mad at police for hassling you while white.
  14. The article is clickbait.