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  1. Who was the poster who rushed in here to tell everyone that the Chicago PD took a police report from Jussie Smollett? As if that made his claim any more official. There was bump trolling too!
  2. Looks like most of the major newspapers have found out how to circumvent the incognito mode workaround. Gotta pay up to read this one.
  3. Ah WaPo.... I'm sure this will be fair.
  4. People like drama. The Mueller witch hunt has been a drama-fest and that's fun to follow for some people. I don't think people are going to vote for or against Trump in response to new info that is uncovered. What you have now is baked in.
  5. I asked one poster outright if he was into scat. He posted a smiley face. I won't say who, but he knows who he is.
  6. Let's make a guess here. Maybe 1 out of 20 people care about this still? More? Less?
  7. Education is a great example of what happens outside of a capitalistic system. College and healthcare both need a shot of capitalism. People need to start devaluing college for that to happen. Years and years of people promoting college as the only avenue for high school graduates has caused this mess. I'm going to encourage my children to focus on business.
  8. We have a centrist talk show host in Detroit who brought this up about a month ago. Callers were more focused on the NFL draft at the time.
  9. Most of the country doesn't give a shit. Of course if you put the question in front of them, they'll weigh in, that's easy. Roughly 40% of eligible voters don't even vote.
  10. What's that?
  11. I meant congress. Laugh it up furball.
  12. Pelosi is probably the most well know senator in the Senate. Her and Feinstein are lightning rods. We used to bag on Kennedy and Daschle too.
  13. Just went to Steven Mnuchin's Wiki page to find out how he qualifies as an idiot. Realized the guy is Jewish. For all the times you call Trump antisemitic, just remember... he appointed a Jew to oversee the U.S treasury. Trump is the Worst Nazi ever.
  14. I'm here because PR almost died. You guys managed to whittle us down to Lou and a hand full of nobodies. I was let back in after Trix was allowed back. This community needs conflict to exist.
  15. You guys have made it clear that anyone who doesn't wish death on Trump is "human garbage". It's clear that the left wing of American politics cannot handle opposition. Between deplatforming, banning, silencing, shouting down, ignoring (the best method honestly), milkshaking, violence and verbal abuse.... your side cannot handle a different viewpoint on anything. I only post here because there are lefties... I like the debate and would leave if it turned into a right wing den. There aren't many places on the web where the left and right discuss politics. If lefties run the site, they ban everyone until they're the only voices left. If righties run the site, lefties stay away. So we're left with this little corner of the web.