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  1. A few phone calls and this could be done. Is this main draw to use it as a base?
  2. The democratic party needs to rid itself of antisemitism.
  3. Maybe we need to exhume all of Hillary's victims and see if the broken bones match up.
  4. Chargers would fit right in this room. Probably the new ohleary too.
  5. We really do need to ramp up lethal force.
  6. Wtf is this?
  7. That caught my eye too. How the fuck?
  8. No, you have a status quo policy -- get here, don't get caught before you get a job and reproduce. If you can get a job or plop out a kid, you're good. You reward people for fucking fast enough to avoid repercussions.
  9. That's nothing you can legally enforce. Colleges themselves should expand enrollment and drive down cost. Why the University of Michigan has a 28% acceptance rate is a joke. Of course they can charge whatever the hell they'd like, it's not like those accepted AREN'T going to pay.
  10. I wish there was a quick solution to all of this, but I really don't think there is one. Draconian level gun seizure would probably be the most effective long term plan.... but the subsequent anti-government factions that would result would probably just shift the violence from public mass shootings toward a small scale civil war.
  11. Didn't he get assaulted once in prison or was that the attempted suicide #1. Honestly having been following this case too close.