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  1. As time goes on (decades), the hand-out coalition with overwhelm the electorate and we'll devolve into a shit-hole.
  2. Nobody stops at a non-European majority country when immigrating. Gotta make it to Gringo-land.
  3. Gonna take a hit off my bowl everytime the words "Broken Immigration" is said. Gonna be soooo fucking high. PS: "Broken Immigration" is code for Doing nothing. The status quo is in the best interest of the democratic party. A fixed immigration that both sides of the aisle agree on will be a net loser for democrats long term.
  4. Let's say this woman is 100% truthful. How do we verify this and without any verification, how do we proceed forward?
  5. Those camps have AC, water, medical care & food. Fozz, you're sucking down propaganda.
  6. They should be seeking asylum in Mexico.
  7. Cross at a checkpoint. When I enter Canada I use the International Bridge or Detroit Tunnel. I never swim the Detroit river. I'll drown. Edit. I could swim it.... the most likely scenario is that I'll get hit by a barge.
  8. He pretty much has to stick to the script or else what's the point of the report.... ya know?
  9. If the hearing was run by liberal moderators, republicans would have their clearance revoked before hand and nobody from the (R) side would be there.
  10. They're treated better here than the place they left. Also, if they do end up getting residency, it will be worth it. We can't just let anyone who crosses the border disburse into the country with no controls on safety and vetting. It sets a precedence at minimum. I mean.... why follow procedure if the success of illegal entry results in the same outcome.
  11. I'll vouch for you buddy, don't worry about it.
  12. Carbon Capture is the only way to do it till we have the battery technology.
  13. Libs don't debate... they accuse and label people. If that's not the strategy of the day, they'll just call you stupid and assume the debate is over. Stebo can't have a conversation without insulting your intelligence.
  14. I really liked the carbon pellet results.... Those would be super easy to transport and bury. If we forced the energy companies to bury their carbon contributions, they could pass that cost down and the problem would be solved.