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Democratic men are betas

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  1. BREAKING NEWS!!!! Trump has never worn black face.
  2. 3 times!
  3. Blackface, arms and legs! He went all in.
  4. What's up with this guy and costumes?
  5. Liberals love ruining careers and lives over stuff like this. I expect to hear prominent liberal voices calling for resignations. Just kidding... a few will virtue signal though. I wonder who the chosen virtue signalers will be.
  6. Democrats have been proposing benefit after benefit to the country for decades, but never give specifics on how it will be paid for. Dumb people eat this up.
  7. Typo
  8. Nope. This is a small forum where everyone has been interacting with each other for years and in some cases decades. Quite different. I also don't see people running around calling everyone Nazis and racists without a shred of evidence either.
  9. Imagine running a forum that suspends posters for saying, "suck my dick". HAHAHA
  10. You can tell which posters speak to each other in direct quotes and which posters simply speak to the room and wait for reactions. The group support required for a lefty poster is really a sad thing to see.
  11. Now you're being smart.
  12. If you'll were real men, we would even suspend people. A sorry sack of beta rejects make the rules here.
  13. You really just can't accept that partisan hackery and profit motive could be the driver behind many of these "claims".
  14. Any boss would.