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Sexual Harassment Panda

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  1. Yea, it's the media's fault.
  2. Hearing rumors of a purge coming. McMaster, Kelly, Carson and others.
  3. Idk why anyone is oj with what Phin said no matter how he tries to rationalize it. Sexism is never ok.
  4. Trolling Akeem
  5. The NYS (republican majority) Senate voted down 12 gun bills yesterday including a ban of bump stocks, not allowing domestic abusers to own firearms and a requirement to safely store your firearm. If NY can't even pass these laws, there's no way it will pass anywhere with a republican majority.
  6. Like its any different than it's ever been.
  7. 16 pages over 2 days scissoring with Mdecoy. Congrats everyone.
  8. I feel bad for the guys bc they don't know what to do re: sexual harassment and assault. ^It's not an exsct quote but it's pretty close.
  9. It's snowlover76
  10. Close
  11. I unhid the posts as I told Burns. I disagree this was ever a truly political forum with everyone seeming to have a long history with one another hence the constant poo flinging. I was a big proponent of keeping things on topic for a long time. We weren't able to do so often and lately it's been unreadable a lot of the time. Although it's been slightly more readable with Powerball gone :)). Tonight was 100% my fault but I just couldn't in good conscience let it go. If that makes me a shitty mod so be it. Now let's get back on topic.
  12. Please let's get back on topic.
  13. Back on topic including myself
  14. Anything wrong with Phin's posts ITT re: Ada?
  15. She came here today and smacked you down.