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  1. https://twitter.com/ashagony/status/1172268783718871041?s=12
  2. It's not Metsfan
  3. How's the reaction been on USA to your change of heart?
  4. Pretty sure she's alluding to the time Jonger got super triggered over a video of a black inmate simulating a sex act (which he assumed was aimed at the white guard's wife) before he was beated while restrained.
  5. So his comment wasn't sexist? Sexism should be allowed?
  6. I didn't. We're not letting this stuff just slide anymore. Jfc, Trixie lives rent free in your head.
  7. Randy is the owner but he doesn't tell us what to do lol.
  8. I'm not banning him. i warned him to stop being sexist. That's not a weak comment. That was overtly sexist. If he thinks he can keep posting stuff like that he's wrong.
  9. It's hard for people like Phin. Akeem's post wasn't sexist earlier even though Trixie says it was and that's why he doesnt get the same warning as Phin.
  10. Yes, bc Trixie secretly tells us how to moderate and she loves the staff.