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  1. Unfortunately that's not true
  2. I'm not saying we're fucked bc of Trump.
  3. Why does he continue to say Mueller is a dem?
  4. Not a chance in hell except for a couple complete hacks.
  5. The he turned ovwr everything talking point doesnt fly. They hid and deleted a lot of communications per the Mueller report.
  6. He knew (or was told) the optics of firing Mueller would probably do him in. Plus he'd be obstructing even further. That's why he tried to get McGahn to do it which would have still been obstruction and McGahn knew that.
  7. How much of the American public? Bc his supporters are never deserting him.
  8. I would be acting the same way and say they must go. The good news is the republicans would agree.
  9. The first bolded section has been answered repeatedly in this thread so I'm pretty sure you know the answer by now. To the second bolded: He left obstruction in the hands on Congress. Do you think we are just making this up?
  10. This is where we disagree. That would never happen. I know Trixie says that when plausible deniability is gone the republicans will bail on him. I do not agree with this at all. Not a damn thing will make his base or republicans in Congress turn on him.
  11. Impeachment will fail. It still needs to be tried bc as a nation we can't let stuff like this just slide. Deep down I think you know how bad this is.
  12. The problem is Fox has set a narative and all our righties have been repeating it ad nauseam. Our country is fucked if we can't collective say as a nation that this stuff is completely unacceptable and he needs to go. The report was very clear on obstruction and the reason Mueller didn't indict him. He left it up to Congress and we all know the republicans don't care and the dems are spineless.