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  1. It's mainstream dude. That's not the far right. Yes I have.
  2. Lol. You guys are so ridiculous. Have you fucking seen the Republican party and it's base nowadays??
  3. Give her a hard time. Don't call a woman a whore. Don't even insinuate it. Pretty simple stuff. Calling someone dumb or stupid doesn't equal a sexist comment.
  4. 0 reports today. Good call. Thanks. Chris is an asshole. Lol so dumb
  5. When you reported your own PM to me the entire staff was able to read our messages (which i wasnt comfortable with). But it was your own dam fault lol. And when I suspended you I had to explain to the staff that you didn't break any rules. So whatever you think happened really didn't dude. We can't unless someone reports it. See above
  6. He did post his fb
  7. Lol