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  1. Is this worse than the supposedly horrible and awful conditions they are fleeing? You guys need to be careful making the US out to be such a shithole because it really weakens the "they are seeking asylum to escape certain death" arguments.
  2. Sounds like the SC is working exactly as it should despite the silly doomsday predictions. Another fail.
  3. It's clearly an invented anecdote to promote her upcoming book about how awful men are. How can folks not see this?
  4. She is clearly nuts and just wants to sell a few more copies of her weird book. It's amazing how these whackos are called "credible" right out of the chute. Her story is about as far from credible as you can get. Yeah, she somehow ended up modeling lingerie for Donald Trump in a dressing room but doesn't remember when or how. Sure thing. Sounds like a bit of non-fiction from her book about how men suck. It sucks that the Dems haul these insane women out of obscurity and let them crash and burn in the public sphere all to harm Trump.
  5. Fozz literally said wxtrix is a mentor to him. His brain is a sponge. He absorbs the ideas and viewpoints of the loudest people around him.
  6. No. American Presidents have been telling the American people that an "air war" is all that is needed since Harry Truman's days. It's never correct, but that's what they mean by "no boots on the ground."
  7. There are some sizable differences between the candidates this go-round. I expect them to be far apart on some issues. There are clearly two camps/strategies here: go after moderates/independents/older folks who want a steady hand and slow change versus a coalition of minorities and Millennials getting tons of handouts.
  8. I hadn’t planned to make further posts on it. I realize the randomly applied “rules” here sometimes say you can post whatever personal stories you want to end or win debates and no one else may comment. So you can go play HOA power trip somewhere else.
  9. Personal anecdote alert. And yikes at waiting for dear hubby to pass out in the emergency room so you can sneak some fuck you’s in on AmPol.
  10. I am 100 sure that whatever is said you will come out of it feeling like Mueller gave us tons of new evidence and the rationale for impeachment is clear and very obvious for all Americans. It doesn’t matter at all what was said. You will fill in the blanks in the testimony as needed.
  11. Do you have any reason to expect him to do more than report the facts from the report? This is another example of how I have taken the most logical and likely stance and yet to your feverish conspiracy mind it appears I am desperate and reaching. This is what led you guys to predict jail and indictments of Trump Jr...
  12. I think they will steer clear of personal attacks on Mueller. They will be trying to get him to admit there was “no collusion and no obstruction” on the record and also trying to paint the start of the whole thing as a farce based on the actions of pissed off Hillary fans. But they will say Mueller himself did a good job.
  13. The rules are technically different because he was subpoenaed versus appearing voluntarily. He can personally refuse to answer something, but no line of questioning is disallowed now. He can’t hide behind any agreements or deals on scope. He could be held in contempt of Congress (which won’t happen). The end result is this now allows the GOP to ask whatever they want out in public. There is a risk for the Dems in doing this.