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  1. This guy dressed up in blackface so many times he can't even remember all of them: https://thehill.com/policy/international/americas/462226-trudeau-says-he-cannot-be-definitive-that-there-are-not-more What a joke. Canadian liberals must be really silly people.
  2. zzzzzzzz Schiff just wants some of the attention Nadler is getting. This reminds me a lot of the Nunes/Gowdy bombshells that dropped every few months and went nowhere. The things Trump says on one-on-one phonecalls will be protected under executive privilege. The smart Dems will not want this pursued as it sets another chilling precedent for when they get back in the WH.
  3. It’s not possible to defend something we know nothing about. The sheer number of false alarm and plain fake stories you libs have pimped over the last few years means this shit cannot be believed sight-unseen. The gang that brought us Russian collusion and Julie Swetnick rape gangs hasn’t earned any trust on this stuff.
  4. Pelosi is smarter than Nadler and also has more of a spine. She knows impeachment is a net loser for the Dems. Far better to just get him voted out, which seems very doable right now. Nadler is at the mercy of loud special interests around him and also is feeling a bit full of himself right now with all of the media attention and fawning.
  5. Looks like you guys found another conspiracy theory to get excited over.
  6. They are trying to use something like a No Scotsman Fallacy to argue the times Omar did do this are not real examples and you need to provide more. It’ll never end.
  7. Here you go!
  8. That tweet is pretty much exactly what I was talking about.
  9. This "give me the quote" stuff is a cute new way to deflect.
  10. You realize you are posting in a thread that is literally about exactly what I said, right? What's wrong with your brain, man? What happened?
  11. Not sure why you guys think this requires a written quote? Trump never said he "hates black people" but you are super sure he does.
  12. There is a very clear correlation between trix leaving and fozz going off the rails.
  13. The president saying he plans to nationalize several major industries and remove private enterprise from them is very totalitarian. Comparing this to nations like Finland where this process occurred over decades and is baked into society is not valid.
  14. He needs to check with this mentor first.
  15. Why is anyone surprised? He loved dressing up in costumes and doing the "cultural appropriation" thing.