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  1. I'll post mine after you post yours in the other thread.
  2. Phin must be in really flexible with all the mental gymnastics he pulls in here day in, day out.
  3. Probably, you seem to miss quite a lot, intentionally no doubt.
  4. Let's hope so.
  5. Here is a prediction since they seem to be so important: if the standard were “more likely than not”, he’d be going down.
  6. Projection
  7. He does this all day long to anyone who leans left.
  8. In your mind you did. Only in your mind.
  9. If that is what you got out of my three posts in this thread today, YOU are the one pulling out all the stops with that vivid imagination of yours. Either that, or you are, once again, trying to ascribe a position to others that they haven't taken themselves.
  10. I agree with this post. There were contacts between the campaign and the Russians, but I think the people in charge of this aspect of the campaign were just too stupid to understand what was happening. There is more than enough to make the campaign look inept, but that 's probably about it. I also don't think Barr is suppressing any indictments.
  11. You have this wrong. Whether or not Mitch is on board, there aren't 19 GOP senators willing to vote against drumpft on something like obstruction because his base of support doesn't understand complex legal concepts such as obstruction.
  12. There aren't 19 GOP senators with more than 1/2 a brain.
  13. There is no arguing that drumpft obstructed justice. The evidence for that is as clear as the posts drumpft has made on twitter. Only people with less than 1/2 a brain would conclude that he has not obstructed justice.
  14. Then why are you so insecure about your maleness?
  15. Looks like New Hampshire is about to ban the death penalty. N.H. Poised To Abolish Death Penalty After Senate Vote https://www.nhpr.org/post/nh-poised-abolish-death-penalty-after-senate-vote#stream/0