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  1. Foundation is crumbling and needs remediation. In other news, federal judge bans ICE from arresting people in Massachusetts courthouses: https://www.masslive.com/boston/2019/06/boston-federal-court-judge-temporarily-blocks-courthouse-arrests-by-ice.html
  2. Will is right, costs need to be controlled first before implementing a single payer system. But I strongly disagree with the notion that people are inherently selfish and only look out for themselves and their families. This runs counter to how human civilization evolved, by working cooperatively and helping each other reach a higher potential. The notion of "everyone for themselves" was foreign to our nation's founding parents; society at that time required those who achieved success to give back to the community. Selfishness as currently practiced is a modern phenomenon.
  3. No one with more than 1/2 a brain will take you up on this b/c if you lose we know you'll just slip on a sock and claim you're new.
  4. Every time he looks at a reflective surface.
  5. They can still charge full price for rich kids who can afford it, and give aid to those who can't.
  6. All pregnancies are more risky than not being pregnant.
  7. Pregnancy and childbirth ARE women's health "issues".
  8. No one "likes" abortion. And you aren't a liberal.
  9. Women can die during pregnancy and childbirth. Pregnancy is risky, and childbirth can be downright dangerous.
  10. There's another prolific poster on here who has the same issue.
  11. Link ?
  12. But but but drumpft is our only hope to make peace with Iran !!!!!!!11!1!!1!!
  13. Don't worry, I'm sure he'll call out the righties the next time they post something emotional, or lacks objectivity, or doesn't come from sensible, logical thought.