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  1. Not a bad trio if you're attempting to troll. If that's who you actually like seek help.
  2. Almost always when it's not an opinion post. The one you replied to is right.
  3. If that's how you need to spin it then go ahead. It's not like I wouldn't suffer from economic problems myself. It's like asking if I want diabetes or cancer. I want neither but if I have to choose it's diabetes. It doesn't mean I WANT diabetes.
  4. I want neither to occur. If it's a choice between them Trump's re-election would be a worse event for America than almost any temporary economic issue.
  5. Jonger wished h20 would get randomly attacked. He said something mean in return. News at 6.
  6. I don't want the economy to tank but I'd rather that than Trump re-elected. Also the type of exuberance we're seeing in the market now is usually followed by a correction, so the timing is pretty ripe.
  7. I have a different opinion on the value of Hillary Clinton putting herself in the spotlight and making accusations that aren't going to lead to anything against an also-ran in the primary. That doesn't mean I'm for the Russians or any of the other shit you've accused me of. What a tiresome argument that's gone exactly nowhere. Thanks.
  8. Yup, it's really too bad she was essentially destroyed politically by Trump, the GOP, the Russians, Comey, Bernie, herself, etc in 2016.
  9. FFS. Glad you know what's in my head better than I do.
  10. I agree with the bolded. You're off in left field with the accusations against me. You lose all grip when someone disagrees with you, it's pathetic.
  11. I was using the approval rating chart to show capt. kangaroo the number of D's with an opinion about Gabbard. We were discussing how well known she was, not votes. I don't think the second message is fair or accurate or relevant.
  12. Maybe somewhere in between. Hillary Clinton is a huge loser for the D's and nearly everyone is sick of her and the complaints about Russian interference. The less we hear the better. Talking about Tulsi is also a loser. LOL at mentioning Hillary's qualifications. You truly don't get it. With you in charge we could lose every election like 2016, you seem to be unable to consider feedback once you come up with a stupid idea.
  13. Unclear but I accept the argument that even a very small number of votes can turn an election. In the case of Tulsi my points are: 1. Attacking her may backfire by getting her name out there considering how little known she was. All publicity good publicity. 2. Clinton talking about Russia is politically dangerous at best. 3. Tulsi appeals to an awkward bi-partisan audience, not obvious who would benefit from her running 3rd party.
  14. It seems like Trump has great ability to attract the type of people who completed their emotional growth at about age 11. In the case of Lucifer his intellectual growth seemed to stop at around the same time. Jonger copes with it by obsessing over the Alpha thing and posting pictures of physically unattractive men etc. He's totally blind to the obvious insecurity that anyone with an elementary understanding of psychology can see.