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  1. Makes sense. I guess I'm taking the under right now on how much the gaffes cost him. I don't see a clear alternative for Biden supporters to move on to either. It would be easier to ditch him if one of the other front runners were more like him.
  2. Seems like you have Harris and user has Warren for easiest Trump opponent. Not a bad call for you.
  3. If Biden is as popular in the rust belt as his reputation says I'd be happy to see him keep the lead. It's interesting to contrast the polling to the betting numbers that got posted earlier. I think Biden is a good value if you're placing a bet.
  4. lol
  5. as you like to say: Get a grip this is pathetic
  6. Look at our example here from the lower end of the IQ spectrum. For the first time his life he feels he's part of a political movement. There's nothing that can be done to earn his vote.
  7. Sanders supporters had great enthusiasm in 2016. It hasn't been the same in this round.
  8. Yeah, I was thinking of that famous quote when I posted. It's pretty incredible/frightening that this is the group that will turn the election one way or another barring some landslide.
  9. Pennsylvania/Population 12.81 million (2018) Philadelphia/Metro population 6,096,120 Pittsburgh/Metro population 2,362,453 I assume some of Phil metro is in NJ but you get the idea. The suburban/urban population is larger than the rural.
  10. One has to wonder who exactly these independents who care about racism yet have supported Trump all along only to be turned off now. Considering Trump's history on racist statements you have to be counting on a lot of incredibly stupid low information voters for this group to have significance.
  11. There's also an argument that he's simply an opportunist taking advantage of a racist electorate by giving them what they want.
  12. I see his point about Trump leaving votes on the table also. It's not too hard to see a path where his base is still satisfied and he takes a larger chunk of independents.
  13. Can someone be more specific about what is so naive about the above statement from Rutgers? I don't really see it.
  14. Yeah, maybe I morphed Jeb and W in my head there a bit. I recalled W speaking in Spanish and grudgingly giving him a point for it. I didn't think about how poor he was at it until later.
  15. Not sure why you are barking at me about this. When Bush was addressing Spanish speakers he sometimes used his imperfect Spanish skills to communicate. The point was that even goofy Bush was able to do it without it being awkward like Beto.