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  1. People seek out all sorts of shit from their relationships. I know at least a few men that married strict and strong controlling women. It seems to work for those couples.
  2. Big disconnect between how you see yourself and how others see you.
  3. When he got stuffed at bball he he went straight to the ref excuse, he didn't consider that it might be related to his poor shot selection and lack of ability to create space for the shot. He also thinks that 5 minutes of googling gives him more insight into subjects than actual expects in the field have. It's pretty clear he's unable to accept his own fallibility.
  4. I wonder if pb is as crazy as he appears here in real life. Why is this subject so dear to barely functional men?
  5. Relax. Then figure out what the hell point you are trying to make and try again.
  6. I think this is a reasonable criticism of dem messaging. It's all over the place.
  7. You must be tiny and weak. 2k per day for me = weight loss.
  8. Suggesting that parents could "terminate" a toddler was the troll post if any.
  9. What always gets lost in these philosophical debates is what actually happens in the real world when abortion is restricted. The rich continue to have easy access via travel. The poor, addicted, sick, etc people will be left with little or no choice. Some women will have an illegal abortion, which will be much more dangerous. Some will kill themselves and their unborn fetuses. The rest will carry their unwanted fetuses to the full term, giving birth to a baby that is unwanted. Nobody can refute this, yet we still see these laws and people supporting them. Also, when Phineas recognizes that it has gone too far, it has definitely gone too far.
  10. sound more like a proper motto now
  11. I hope he fails badly, but wouldn't be the first time an unpopular New Yorker that the press considered a joke won a presidential election.
  12. Credit to mappy but this really shouldn't be that hard.
  13. It must be because of how friendly and modest you are. edit: my dad could have beaten up your dad
  14. Perfect subject. Everyone who supports the AL law is evil, dumb, gullible or some combination of those. Forcing women to carry rape babies to term is incredibly evil by any standard. Any moral person would never support it.