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  1. It really shouldn't be an issue. Yeah some will voice their displeasure and echo the rights narrative, trumpism is now taking a defensive posture and it's advantageous to keep them there. They know they are in the wrong with what the Mueller report is stating. Should they choose hang on to it like a sinking ship, great. It's only going to get worse.
  2. I have yet to hear an argument with merit as to why to begin an impeachment process being detrimental to the democrats relection chances. The only argument I hear is the Clinton impeachment and what it did to his numbers(popularity) and that is a flawed argument.
  3. He should have added "stolen information".
  4. I wholeheartedly agree
  5. Plus, in July 2016 the trump campaign was fully briefed of all this would happen.
  6. No doubt he has been posting in other threads too. And his posts are probably just to illicit a response and nothing of substance.
  7. Damn, since 10:00am this morning phin has had 49 posts in this thread alone.
  8. They put more effort into this than actual legislation. I this is what trump meant when he said "time to get back to work“.
  9. Solid and worthy of another look.
  10. I guess this is a good place for this Or the MAGA Moron thread
  11. I think there is a greater chance trump will read the report before any one of these knuckleheads do.
  12. With tax dollars