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  1. Fail, neither are example.
  2. I'd like to see some examples from metfan of how President Obama divided the country.
  3. Their cyber warfare unit kicks ass though. Ate our lunch, that's for sure.
  4. Abraham's
  5. With this negotiation mindset you're giving up one of your best bargaining chips. Leverage. Edit: trump isn't negotiating for the United States, he is in it for himself.
  6. Huge premiums are relatively a new thing. Take a look at some of your old pay stubs, shit the ACA had both spouses covered for under $300 not too long ago.
  7. I'd leave your family out of this forum.
  8. It's because the Jets suck and have no foreseeable future, so he is here.
  9. trump pays more attention to fox and friends than the PDB
  10. Your poor choice of vocabulary convoluted your post. Is Harris garbage or her policies?
  11. My post, and your reply.
  12. Kind of what the GOP did to the ACA.
  13. Too liberal = garbage?