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prefrontal bean supercell

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  1. i was in the woodlands for a wedding i definitely will next time i am in DFW
  2. uhh, yeah. fuck texas too. the dose i got earlier this month was plenty.
  3. ohio fuckin sucks. low-key bottom 10% state. worthless.
  4. cant believe we not only let this president become president, but also that we let him get a supreme court justice. FOL's
  5. look who is more garbage and apparently not blackballed like kaep
  6. I have no problem with Biden’s comments. If trump had been repeatedly punched in his fuckkin mouth earlier in life none of this would have happened.
  7. the soldiers that supposedly died in yemen are actually slaves at the same undersea lab that the MH370 superconductor scientists work at
  8. the country has always been splintered along racial lines, you're just too white to have noticed
  9. i bet fozz has. he loves glen greenwald.
  10. super serial
  11. you're so salty about the video
  12. we need to genocide republicans. enough of this shit.
  13. gotta break some eggs to make an omelet