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  1. I doubt there will be new evidence...reframing the context away from the Barr Barr Jinks whitewash summary, is unlikely but possible. And of course there are 20-25% of citizens who represent 34-43% of likely voters who wouldn’t support an impeachment inquiry if Donald shot their family in front of them. If their are “blanks” in anybody’s testimony that’s not my problem and you know as well as I do that others will fill in the blanks as they see fit...just look at the aforementioned example of our dear Barr Barr.
  2. I agree there are risks...the main risk is in appearing to be bad faith partisans who will impugn the integrity of Robert Mueller if they don’t like what they are hearing. So far I see some caution by Democrats, while I see multiple Republicans smearing fuel gel on themselves as they prepare to enter the fire in 3 weeks. Investigate the investigators is always the battle cry of the guilty. It won’t be a good look to independents.
  3. He may very well fold his arms and reference every question to a page number of his report. He literally may add nothing to his May statement. The desperation that this will be the case...truly reveals the depths of Total Exoneration that has been achieved
  4. It’s fascinating to witness the terror of TrumpPublicans that Mueller might go off of some imaginary “script” that you feverishly believe exists. He can pretty much say or decline to say whatever he wants.
  5. I don’t expect any of the President’s supporters to have some epiphany. I think the structure of the hearings, the tone of the questions and Mueller’s methods of response could be, as many expect, simply be a more drawn out version of his May statements...but the dynamics between Mueller and committee members could either fix a narrative of Democrats endlessly fishing for more and acting peevish towards Mueller...or one of Republicans aggressively attacking him for doing the job assigned to him...the latter could more firmly fix a narrative of a corrupt and obstructive chief executive and a team of bullying allies in Congress more concerned with protecting him at all costs than a full public airing of facts by the lead investigators.
  6. As an honest partisan I pray they go down those roads...like literally lighting candles and praying. I think the party that is seen as openly hostile to Mueller has the most to lose politically.
  7. You should be less worried about the “gang here” than about the average voter. Mueller’s drive by statement in late May certainly didn’t put the “nothingburger” narrative into a good light. TrumpPublicans should hope that Mueller only dryly reiterates what’s in the report. Democrats should politely and firmly pursue lines of questioning that encourage him to further elaborate on the report in laymen’s terms, with particular focus on the fact the report does not exonerate on the matter of OOJ. The danger for Democrats is badgering Mueller to be more explicit than he is willing and appearing to attack him. The danger for Republicans is the other side of that coin...attacking Mueller with their “conflicted! Angry Democrats!” narrative.
  8. You posted 22 times in this thread since word of Mueller’s testimony.
  9. The same report which stated that Russia perceived it would benefit from a Trump Presidency, and members of the Trump campaign expected to benefit from the release of Russian hacked materials?
  10. He can explain declination decisions in plainer language...he likely will emphasize the breadth of the GRU hacking...there is quite a lot in that report to potentially discuss. The question in my mind is will it be an extensive back and forth between him and committee members, or will he simply recite the report verbatim and then refer all questions to have been already covered.
  11. The 64 million dollar question isn’t what I think he can testify to or what you think he can testify to...it’s what HE thinks he can or should testify to. Will he answer questions from the committee or will it be a verbatim recitation of the report? Is he willing to elaborate at all, or does he feel that would violate his office’s mandate?
  12. A lot depends on how this testimony has come about and how Mueller views his role...if there has been somewhat of a meeting of the minds between the committee leadership and the Special Counsel, if both feel there is something to be gained by a further airing of facts in a public forum, things could get more interesting. If this is literally the Special Counsel being compelled in a manner completely contrary to his judgement and wishes, we will have a very awkward moment. I feel though that the entire Democratic caucus is eager to get on with this...to reach some sort of “here we are now” moment where those who wish to move on can say congress has done its full duty and those that feel further action is warranted will have to bring forth arguments more compelling than this hearing.
  13. You really underestimate how looney Trump looks to the average citizen.
  14. AG Bill Barr killed 7 Robert Mueller investigations — 10 days after he submitted his report https://www.rawstory.com/2019/06/ag-bill-barr-killed-7-robert-mueller-investigations-10-days-after-he-submitted-his-report/
  15. I’ve been saying for awhile now...The Economy of Real People is not ok.... 2020 will come down to two things...the Fed being pressured into papering over the structural deficiencies in our economy...and whether Democrats can properly message the fact that almost every struggling voter that was struggling in 2016 is still struggling now.... https://www.axios.com/2020-presidential-election-flipped-counties-economic-trouble-7550d8a1-1951-4606-bde4-47f7d8d2e836.html “What's happening: The Economic Innovation Group, in a report provided first to Axios, found that these "flipped" counties "experienced slower growth in employment, a slower rise in the number of [businesses], and a more pervasive decline in prime-age workers than consistently Democratic or Republican counties." By the numbers: There are 207 counties where Obama won in both '08 and '12, before they flipped to Trump in '16. The state with the most flipped counties is Iowa, at 31, followed by Wisconsin with 23 and Minnesota with 19. 53% of flipped counties lost population from 2016 to 2018, and 94% lost prime working-age population over the past decade, according to the report.”