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  1. The saga of Papa D continues in the report: He gets fired for disclosing stuff in a media interview He cant recall telling Trump campaign officials about stolen/hacked materials and Russia’s intention to release the info via 3rd parties... All of the officials can’t recall Papa D telling them everything Russia was about to do to with the stolen material
  2. More Papa D related info...involving Sam Clovis and Walid Phares...warnings about conference attendees “nervous about Russia” and something about “representatives of the office of Putin” and handwritten notes “without the backing of the campaign”
  3. Papadaupolous spills the beans...
  4. Brief summary about the pipeline of the info stolen by the GRU disseminated to Wikileaks and the Trump campaigns expressed interest in this material...
  5. In a section of the report with a lot of redactions...references to multiple Trump campaign officials excited about and planning for anticipated releases of stolen documents by Wikileaks (Wikileaks is mentioned in the report as being a witting conduit, along with DCleaks and Guccifer 2.0 of the material stolen by the GRU units)
  6. I’ve been reading a bit every day since it came out, thanks. Willing partner to what exactly? To a documentable overt conspiracy? Why would Russia pursue that when they were getting what they wanted from the Trump campaign anyway? The moment they dangled what Trump wanted and Don Jr, Jared Kushner and Manafort showed up at Trump tower they had what they needed.
  7. Anyone want to start an over/under thread on how many lines of redactions have to do with Roger Stone?
  8. I agree everyone should read the report. https://www.docdroid.net/Nsxt7tl/mueller-report.pdf
  9. The only danger to Democrats is the appearance that potential impeachment is their only priority. The only people truly upset at Congress exercising its oversight are TrumpHumpers, who are a significant and reliable minority of the electorate, but a minority nonetheless. Clinton was a more popular president being pursued for obstruction of mostly deeply personal misconduct. Enthusiastic acceptance of help from a nuclear armed foreign adversary to win an election and then obstructing the investigation into that adversary’s actions strike most people as far more serious.
  10. Congress will pursue the responsibilities put before it by the Special Counsel... Top Democrats are keeping their options open on impeachment Reps. Adam Schiff and Elijah Cummings explained why the House may move to impeach Trump knowing the effort is likely to fail in the Senate. https://www.vox.com/platform/amp/policy-and-politics/2019/4/21/18509942/top-democrats-are-keeping-their-options-open-on-impeachment
  11. Hypocrisy in politics is nothing new...but the hypocrisy surrounding this matter coming from the TrumpPublicans has been radioactive from the get go.
  12. The next Democratic nominee can stand up at a press conference and beg China to hack and release Trumps taxes...it’ll be very legal and very cool.
  13. Quite disturbing...a separate Russian intel unit was dedicated to hacking state election boards and other election infrastructure entities
  14. Details of the hacking operations directly aimed at the Clinton campaign for the express purposes of aiding the Trump campaign. Trump campaign enthusiastic anticipation of the appearance of the hacked materials on Wikileaks
  15. More from the report on Trump surrogates amplifying material posted by the Russian social media disinformation campaign