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  1. Did you know that Islamic terrorism, while it has always existed, has only recently become the predominant type of terrorism worldwide? Up until 2010 only around 10% of terrorist attacks worldwide had been carried out by Islamist going back to 1970. Prior to the US led invasion of Iraq in 2003, there had been no suicide attacks recorded in in that country. In recent years however, Iraq is almost always on top of the list with hundreds of suicide attacks in any given year. Have you ever taken the time to think that there may be more than religion being a factor in the increase in Islamic extremism over the past couple of decades? And you don't have to live too far in the past to place blame outside of Islamic extremism. The violence and atrocities you see in places like the Middle East still happen in Christian countries as well. The Troubles in the Late 1960s through the the early 90's had tens of thousands of casualties due to the conflict between Catholics and Protestants. The Rwandan Genocide took place in a country that's more than 90% Christian. 500,000 to perhaps as many as 1,000,000 people were killed there in only three months. The Lord's Resistance Army which was trying to establish a Christian state based on the Ten Commandments still exists today. That group has killed and maimed as many people as ISIS during it's history. Sectarian violence in the predominantly Christian CAR has killed tens of thousands in the past decade and continues. Let's not forget most of the deaths in the Middle East over the past 120 years have come as a result of western intervention with many being a direct result of military action led by the Christian majority United States. It's the Christian right with their weird obsession with Israel and end times prophesy that has played a huge roll in our foreign policy in that part of the world over the past 70 years or so. There have also been Christian countries in Africa in recent years that have tried to impose the death penalty for homosexuals, including death by stoning in Kenya. Tens of millions of dollars from Christian extremists and countless missionaries have poured into Africa from western countries supporting harsh legislation against homosexuals in that part of the world. It was Christian extremists and right-wing extremists in the US who helped put Trump into office and we have yet to see the full extent of the problems this will result in worldwide. So there is more than Islamic extremism causing problems on a massive scale in the world today.
  2. I'm not one to promote or coddle Islam, but I'm also not one who is going to slander it and demonize it's followers either. Do you think blaming Islam every time there's a mass murder or an explosion somewhere in the world is helping humanity in any way? After all, there are nearly two billion people being insulted when this is done. What about connecting these two billion people to some of the most horrific acts of violence to take place in our lifetime? Does that help in any way? I've got some bad news for you, it's not going to fade away anytime soon, so your just going to have to find a way to cope with it.
  3. Have the authorities provided information on who the perpetrators are yet? I haven't read anything so far. While these attacks may very well be the work of Islamist extremists, here's a bit of history on the country that these attacks took place in. Prior to the destabilization of the Middle East, the world’s leading suicide terrorist organisation was The Liberation Tigers of Tamil in Sri Lanka. They were responsible for several suicide attacks in Columbo, one of the same cities that was attacked today between the 1980's and the late 2000's. One of the attacks in 1996 that occurred in Columbo killed more than 70, and injured as many as 1,400. Between 1987 and 2009 this group carried out attacks that killed over 1,500 people and injured thousands more. So based on Sri lanka's history of terrorism, it's a bit premature to be placing blame Islamist terrorists when little to nothing has been revealed about the suspects behind these attacks as of yet. Once again, it may very well turn out to be the work of Islamists, and even if it was, they would be following a perverted sect of Islam, not the Islamic faith which the vast majority of Muslims in the world follow.
  4. Would you place the blame on Christianity for the sexual assaults and murders that took place at St Joseph's Catholic Orphanage in Vermont since the perpetrators were dressed as nuns and priests? I think not. I closed shop on the ice cream business a few years ago; I'm in the tour business now. Let me know if you ever want to visit Mindanao and I'll send you a link to some of our upcoming tour dates. As for being a missionary, I'm just a Christian helping others with education and livelihood, I don't care if people follow the religion I do or not, so missionary may not be the proper term. In fact, I'm not a big fan of most missionaries and the methods they use for proselytizing.
  5. Are you seriously trying to tie this crime to the religion of Ilhan Omar? This is a case of a perpetrator wanting to silence his victim and it could have happened anywhere in the world. As for this particular case, if you are looking for somewhere to place blame, it should be on the Bangladesh government and its failure to take sexual assault seriously along with its inability to protect those who want to come forward when they become a victim.
  6. How to sell a massacre: NRA's playbook revealed Three-year undercover sting reveals how US' National Rifle Association handles public opinion after deadly gun attacks. https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2019/03/sell-massacre-nra-playbook-revealed-190325111828105.html
  7. Opening prayer before the swearing in of the first Black Muslim woman to the Pennsylvania General Assembly.
  8. There is no question that there is more terrorism taking place in the world right now being carried out in the name of Islam than there is terrorism perpetrated by other ideologies, however; in the 1970's, 80's and 90's, Islamic terrorism wasn't the leading cause of terrorism taking place in the world. This is a recent phenomenon that only started in the 2000's. In the graph below of the countries where most terrorism occurs today it can clearly be seen that there was an increase in terrorist activity during the time of the first Gulf War in the early 90's, and a very dramatic increase following 9/11 and the US war on terrorism. Source: The Global Terrorism Database (GTD) https://www.start.umd.edu/gtd/ It was western intervention in the Middle East that caused an increase of attacks by Islamic terrorists in those regions as well as an increase on western targets around the world. Islamic terrorism wasn't nearly as common in the past as it has been on the past two decades. Considering the trend, it may be right-wing extremists that end up knocking Islamic extremists out of the top spot in the next decade though.
  9. You don't have to go back 500 years. Let's not forget about the more recent events like the Bosnian genocide, the Lord's Resistance Army in Uganda killing tens of thousands in an attempt to establish a Christian state in central Africa with a government based on the Ten Commandments, the The National Liberation Front of Tripura that is intent on creating a Christian state state and to expand the kingdom of God and Christ in Tripura. Here in the Philippines the United States with it's policy of "Manifest Destiny" led to many massacres and atrocities in the late 19th century continuing well into the 20th century. I went down on my knees and prayed Almighty God for light and guidance more than one night. And one night late it came to me this way, I don’t know how it was, but it came... ...that there was nothing left for us to do but to take them all, and to educate the Filipinos, and uplift and civilize and Christianize them, and by God’s grace do the very best we could by them, as our fellow-men for whom Christ also died. And then I went to bed, and went to sleep, and slept soundly, and the next morning I sent for the chief engineer of the War Department (our map-maker), and I told him to put the Philippines on the map of the United States, and there they are, and there they will stay while I am President!" -- President William McKinley In the United States' attempt to "Civilize and Christianize" Filipinos, tens of thousands were slaughtered including women and children, rape and pillaging was widespread, and hundreds of thousands (Some estimates put the death toll between one and three million) died from disease and famine. Even after the Philippines gained its independence, the Philippine government continued the desire to Christianize the southern most island of Mindanao and offered incentives to Christians to move into the remaining Lumad and Muslim lands which led to even further conflicts and deaths of the native population. This continued until the 1960's. Then there are the Christian militias in places like Nigeria and the CAR. Nigerian Muslims bury 600 after Christian slaughter https://www.theguardian.com/world/2004/may/07/2 Tens of thousands of Muslims flee Christian militias in Central African Republic https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/africa/tens-of-thousands-of-muslims-flee-christian-militias-in-central-african-republic/2014/02/07/5a1adbb2-9032-11e3-84e1-27626c5ef5fb_story.html?utm_term=.b92dd256e7c3
  10. What would make you lean in that direction? This guy sounds like a typical violent criminal to me. According to this article https://www.rtvutrecht.nl/nieuws/1895394/ he apparently has a long criminal background which includes attempted manslaughter, possible rape, insulting a woman, insulting and threatening a cop, driving under the influence, bicycle theft, burglary and peeing in a police cell.
  11. This may turn out to be a domestic dispute rather than an act of terrorism. A suspected shooter in the Netherlands fired upon a relative in a tram due to a family dispute, as well as others trying to intercede to defuse the situation, relatives of the shooter said Monday. Police told local media they were focusing on non-terror motives and that the attack may have happened due to a family dispute. https://www.aa.com.tr/en/europe/netherlands-shooter-fires-on-relative-bystanders/1421933#
  12. REPORTS: Agreement Reached, Government Shutdown Will End Friday Multiple sources are reporting an agreement has been reached in Washington D.C. https://kmox.radio.com/articles/reports-agreement-reached-government-shutdown-will-end-friday
  13. Phin is correct. DOD websites use different security certificates than the general public. Anyone who visits DOD sites on a regular basis can confirm this, it's nothing new as he said. https://www.cpms.osd.mil/Subpage/DODRootCertificates/
  14. Looks like she may have been fired already.