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  1. But it’s essential
  2. If the economy tanks Warren can win easily. If it’s doing well in November 2020 not so sure.
  3. Would love to see a shared google sheet showing how everyone does with this. Maybe if I get some time I’ll go back through and post the numbers of how well everyone does with over under and 300pt rule.
  4. Over bigly
  5. Futures up 250 this morning let’s hope that st 4pm we are all saying :
  6. 100% guarantee you these guys who shot at the cops will have Aks and ARs if there was ever prohibition of firearms.
  7. Merica just got back from the range. Felt like win.
  8. “Losing” some real money today. Again I wonder how many billions worth or wealth evaporated today with this 700pt drop.
  9. Does it bounce a bit or head down towards -1k at the close. Hoping for some gains back. freefalling the last hour would be bad juju for tomorrow and the Asian markets tonight.
  10. No they won’t. trump can’t keep his mouth shut. I don’t think he understands how his tweets can push the market up and down or he would be more tactical with them.
  11. looks like downward pressure again.
  12. Under. It’s going to be ugly out there today.
  13. -391 bleh
  14. Under
  15. Unless you’re hunting in the woods open carry of a rifle is highly stupid and is just asking for trouble. Not to mention the panic you can cause.