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  1. Short term ride the bubble up. Guessing when it bursts is the big question. Ive got some long term investments in a Roth and then another account I use to “play” the market. I still think we have some more room on the upside. When I think we have hit the top. Im going to liquidate the “play” account and put most of it into more ETH/BTC. Hope I’m not wrong lol. At least my safer investments are a buffer.
  2. No clue who he is or was.
  3. Bought some ETH and picked up a few small calls on GPRO. Doesn’t look great but have a feeling it’s way oversold. And earning on 8/1 may end up good.
  4. I love my raptor. Good trucks
  5. Some tear gas and rubber bullets. It won’t take much to disperse a riot in front of a military base.
  6. Those Area 51 nuts need to storm a job fair instead.
  7. Fair enough, I don’t think he does tho. If I’m wrong I’m wrong but if he has a history of sexual harassment / assault it will come out.
  8. I appreciate the in depth analysis. I was hoping you could provide something more substantial that I could use to help sway my opinion.
  9. Is that a bad thing? Men make up a large voting bloc. probably 46-48%. Biden is the ticket man. Please tell me you don’t see him as a creep. I couldn’t tell if that comment was for him.
  10. Seriously wanted to shout out “Trump is a racist” but had my kids with me and my wife would have ended my life on the spot.
  11. Went to a gun show today. Traded and bought a few things. But.....all the pro Trump shit and classless liberal jokes did make me want to vomit a bit.
  12. @Lookout don't underestimate how likable Biden is. He has the guy you would want to have a beer with persona like Bush did. Also his personal story is very tragic.
  13. Why is she unelectable in your opinion? Please explain your statement with some meat and detail.
  14. No but she’s easy on the eyes and again she’s a smart woman and even ex military. I hope she gains traction. And young and a surfer. I bet she’s smoked weed before another plus.
  15. Tulsi is a really pretty and smart woman. She would be a nice change from the ugly dumbass in the WH.