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  1. You’re the dumbass. Again, who is the arbiter of what is and isn’t a sexist comment. I’s there a list?
  2. And you are the arbiter of what is and isn’t? Nah
  3. That response was to trix calling for me to be banned. Good god man. And you just did it too. I don’t give a fool and don’t think anyone should be banned.
  4. Omg, grow up. This isn’t a place for thin skin.
  5. Sure you do. You remind me of folks who are ok with missionary sex but say you aren’t allowed to do it any other way.
  6. The moderators should start with you when cleaning up the filth.
  7. Hillary needs her old gash bashed bad. After that maybe she can come across as likable.
  8. Even if it was no profit he still gets the revenue and publicity from the event.
  9. History won’t look fondly on Trump over this double cross shit. It’s horrible optics and just plain wrong. There is bipartisan support that he fucked up.