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  1. BTC made it close to 13K earlier... up over 1K today alone
  2. BTC continues to go up
  3. Fix that post please @Stinkin' TrumpHole
  4. ORH told me to get out of cryptocurrency when I was holding BTC and it hit 11,000... so...
  5. I have the price alert set at 10500 to sell... just riding it out for right now. Kinda surprised in the past few days its went up nearly 3,000
  6. Nearing 11,000
  7. Bitcoin just breached 10,000 and is quickly near 10,150 right now
  8. It's up almost $1500 in the past week
  9. Bitcoin pressing towards the $10,000 level tonight... I dumped my ETH classic and jumped back into BTC when it was around $8,000
  10. Disgraceful
  11. Gun owners are furious with the Supreme Court lol https://www.upi.com/Top_News/US/2019/06/10/Supreme-Court-refuses-to-hear-challenge-to-US-gun-silencer-law/8201560175619/
  12. https://techcrunch.com/2019/06/05/uber-is-finally-trading-above-its-ipo-price/?yptr=yahoo
  13. Grabbed a good amount of shares in UBER after selling some ETC at around 9.30 earlier this week. UBER supposedly is going to head into the 50s from what I have been reading