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  1. Yes. I doubt that Barr is ripping up the Mueller report and making complete lies about it in his summary to Congress. Sorry that I agree with what Randy and mappy have posted
  2. Well, congrats on being the only one here thinking that
  3. As Randy said in his post, do you think Barr is lying to Congress?
  4. Lol The Mueller is what it is. Oh well
  5. This thread has become a RWCJ... just saying lol
  6. Lol Trump isn't winning in 2020. But for now, meh
  7. It is kind of funny to see the Republicans all of a sudden loving Mueller after calling him horrible things and calling his investigation a witch hunt lol
  8. Not quite sure if you're laughing or not
  9. Heil Trump?
  10. Does Fox News always invite morons on? https://news.yahoo.com/fox-news-contributor-called-complete-143504585.html
  11. Thought it was 12 years?
  12. You can't be serious. Go read what was said and try again