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it also does not exonerate

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About it also does not exonerate

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    I was sexually harassed by rwg#s and suspended for complaining

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  1. she was invited. then the GOP chickened out.
  2. no one gives a fuck about the morons you know. there are potential reasons to impeach him. if you're not willing to learn about them then shut the fuck up.
  3. you interacted with him all the time before you were booted, weathergy. you even threatened him--that's why you had to come back with this sock.
  4. pbgirlfriend can't figure out how to change his screen name. yanksfan is smarter than that. lol
  5. and that reason is that they are fucking morons.
  6. no one is forcing you to post here.
  7. yanksfan already has an account here.
  8. then you deserve the increases.
  9. how many at the national level?
  10. lol metfan didn't write this.
  11. you seem familiar.
  12. how many Democrats did you vote for last November?
  13. do you have an exchange plan or an employer plan?
  14. it’s a waste of time to treat them as legitimate debaters.